Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not Sleeping Tonight

In the wee hours of Monday morning we had prowlers here at the Pseudos' condo. It was a bizarre occurrence, but no one was ever in any danger as a result, with the possible exception of the young prowlers. I'll tell the story soon, because it was bizarre in an "only in Utah" sort of way.

The only real issue is that, despite having been up since the prowlers showed up at 3:38 a.m. on Valentine's Day, I haven't been able to fall asleep tonight. It has nothing to do with the child predator that one of the prowlers pretended to be. (That't the "only in Utah" aspect that I'll soon detail.) It's just my general state of unease compounded by the knowledge that I really needed to be asleep hours ago because I'm slated to snowboard for the first time in a few hours, and I need possession of all my faculties in order to do so successfully.

I do not rationally believe that a polygamous abductor of adolescent and pre-adolescent women is lurking outside the window of the room where I am lying awake. For that matter, I don't even believe that my tormentors from my home city have made the trek to Utah to torment me further. Still, I just don't feel right and cannot rest.

This has been a fun trip for me, with only one vaguely unpleasant happening (which was 100% my own fault, and for which I was treated more than fairly) and I so hate to spoil tomorrow's fun for myself or for anyone else. I'm now experiencing some nausea and vomiting associated with my general state of anxiety. This does not bode well, either, in terms of the outlook of the snowboarding expedition for me personally.

I'm going to log off now so that if things do go poorly later in the day, none of the adults in charge of me will think I created the problems by amusing myself online all night.

G'nite, all. I hope any readers in proximate time zones are asleep, and I hope to join you in a state of slumber soon if only for a brief interval. A little sleep is better than none at all before a strenuous cold-weather activity.


  1. Good Morning, Alexis!

    You'll notice that I'm a registered user now. No more anonymous posts from me! You're all keeping me busy here. I find out more about what my charges are up to here than in person.

    Once everyone is awake, you should tell Scott and Jillian that you had a sleepless or near-sleepless night. Maybe they'll cancel the trip, maybe they'll postpone it, or maybe they won't do either, but just tell 'em. Allow them to make an educated decision. No one will be angry or blame you.

    You should have woken Scott up hours ago. He has medication for you just for situations such as this one. You hesitate to disturb anyone at night, but when you're so anxious that it's making you sick, it's time to seek help.
    Scott is there to help you. If you're still awake and read this, go talk to him NOW.

    Hope your day improves. Talk to you soon.

    Dr. Jeff

  2. Have you tried relaxation CDs, or NLP?

    Mind you, I am not the right person to offer advice on sleep!

    I can always find just one more thing I need to do, so as a result, it is 1.35am her in England, and I am still not in bed. I'll be up at 7.05am, too!

    By the way, this might help. I have a Nintendo DS and play a couple of games of Scrabble before I go to sleep.

  3. Matt,
    Relaxatin Cds don't work for me for some reason. I don't know what NLps are.

    Live music often knocks me out. No matter how great the sound quality on a stereo, it ohysically feels different if it's live. (It has to be good live music. Bad stuff, especially if the pitch or intonation is poor, would drive me to distraction. It has to be acoustic and not electronic.) Some instruments are more soporific than others for me. Well-played brass will knock me out in no time. Guitar works better than piano, but piano-vocals sometimes put me to sleep as well.

    I went into the orchestra room at the university near my facility when I was having trouble speeping. I fell asleep just listening to the musicians warm up independently (somewhat cacophonous to most people). I know it's really weird.