Thursday, May 19, 2016

Time to Regroup

Thanks to OzDoc, Knotty, and to a couple of others off the blogsite who have offered words of encouragement. OzDoc made an especially salient point, which is that a bit of self-doubt is a healthy thing. It's the same trait that will cause me to consult someone who knows more than I rather than to handle something myself that it over my head. Overconfidence is one of the most dangerous traits a fledgling physician, or any doctor for that mattre, can possess. Knowing when to say when and to call in the experts is crucial.

I've changed plans in terms of the USMLE. While Bakersfield is lovely this time of year [sarcasm font], I will instead take the USMLE in San Diego. My family has planned a short vacation there immediately following my exam. I won't arrive in san Diago until maybe 36 hours before the test. San Diego offers a few more distractions than does Bakersfield (What city doesn't?), but I'll spend my time before the exam in my hotel room listening to Bach and Mozart and viewing a few funny movies,

As far as studying, I probably know about as much of the USMLE Step 1 content I will ever know. My 36-hour stretches of studying (and even my 23-hour studying stints) are history. I'll look over materials for an hour or two each day, and I may study for up to four hours in the final three or four days leading to the test (which happen to be  any day now),but for the most part, I'm studied out. i'm going to a concert in Lps Angeles tomorrow night and to a party the following night. Then I will attempt to re-learn to sleep the way normal people sleep,

Bottom line: I think I will survive.

                 I've posted this video once before. Once again it applies.


  1. Glad you are feeling more serene. Hope your concert and mini holiday are a goof reward.

    I am at a medical conference in a tropical location. We can reap some reward for all the hard work

    Judging by the American delegates at this meeting you have nothing to fear!!!!

    Seriously. As in any cohort there is a wide range of interesting intelligent sympatico people and the outliers who make you wonder how the hell they ever made it into Med School.

    It's not just Anericans. I'm spending the week avoiding a huge bore from my own city. Who knows. It would be fun to meet up at a conference IRL.

  2. Yep, you'll do just fine. Relax and have a beer.