Friday, May 27, 2016

One cannot please everyone, but sometimes the way a person expresses his displeasure is so hurtful that it makes a person want to give up.

This is actually Lawrence Singleton, who raped a young woman and cut off her arms, leaving her for dead. He is one mental image I have when I think of Elder Old Dog. After all, he condones violence.

My Uncle Scott alluded to my most recent blog at . It was through no action of mine that he referenced my blog. The blog was not linked. He can't link my blog on that site apparently, which is fine with me, as I never, ever, wish to have any association with that site for as long as I live.

A regular poster there, who calls himself "elderolddog," opened his remarks by stating to my uncle, "I don't like your niece." I can live with this. Not everyone will like me, nor will they like everything I write. It's real life and how things work. The guy went on to say that what I had posted was essentially much ado about nothing, which is his prerogative. Then he crossed the line by saying that while he personally would not have assaulted me, he had sympathy with my attackers and understood why they would have done such a thing. Other than my uncle, not one person to this point has written a word in support of m)e. I suppose at RFM, if you are an established poster who is generally well-liked, you can say just about anything about anyone. (NOTE: my uncle reported the comment, and a moderator had the decency to take it down.) 

In that attack od six years ago, about which I do not like to give details, I suffered, a re-fractured leg when one of the assailants deliberately stepped on a healing broken tibia and fibula. I was not orally sodomized or raped only because the attacker failed to maintain his erection when I vomited at the sight of his exposed male organ. I suffered a cracked pubic bone from being kicked there. My kidney was lacerated and two ribs were cracked from a kick directed at my ribs and kidney. I was all of fifteen when this happened. And Elder Old Dog sympathizes with my attackers.

I have been a regular reader but only a very infrequent poster at RFM, otherwise known as,.  I plan to have nothing whatsoever to do with the site again. If Elder Old Dog's opinion of me is shared by many other posters there, I surely won't be missed.

Right now I am in a mode in which I somewhat hate the entire world.

This is Charles Manson. His image, too, comes to mind when i think of Elder Old Dog. I don't plan on thinking about him much in the future because I have more important things on which to allow my mind to dwell. Still, at the moment I am hurt by his vile words.


  1. I saw Scott's original post, but I didn't see the responses. I see that a number of people have your back and you even got an apology from Elder Old Dog. I don't blame you for being upset. I would be too. But I wouldn't write off RfM. It took me awhile to fit in there, too. I used to get shitty comments about Bill's situation until some people commented that they knew crazy people like Bill's ex and I wasn't lying. After that, the mean comments were a lot fewer.

    Many people like your blog and you personally. Don't let a crappy comment from some old fart get you down.

  2. Scott got an apology from Elderolddog. I didn't. But that is probably as good as it will get.

    It was more than a crappy comment. I was assualted, causing multuple injuries including a cracked pubic bone. Elderasshole sympathized with my assaulters. Joke or not, that isn't OK. Scot can forgive if he wants, but I'm the one locked in a closet for the night because I'm scared someone is going to break in and hurt me.

  3. Holy Cow! I missed all of this because I've been working too much while earning too little, fighting with my (ex) best friend and watching my boss slowly die. I'm sorry I didn't support you when you needed it. I so hope you are better now. la perla

    1. I'm good now, la perla. That was t=roughly 3 1/2 crises ago. They come and go fast for me.