Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Things thaT sUCK!

it's a clue, amd not a very cryptic one at that.

I did something that was against the rules just because I wanted to be nice to someone, and it turns out to have bitten me horribly. I shall not mention names or even religions because i understand the person or people who did this did so unintentionally, but still, it left me in a huge bind.

When people of a certain religious faith somehow get insides the gattes of our complex, I sometimes feel sorry for them and feed them. i did so last night. Afterward, they wanted to show me a video and asked to use my laptop. The only laptop I had there at the time was my Mac, which is my school computer and is not supposed to be used for anything else, mainly so crap like this won't happen to it and so students won't come to lecture without working computers. Anyway, fool that I am, i said yes. I eft the roo briefly. When i came back, the video was ready to go. It was a mst lame video, but it was short. My guests let shortly thereafter.

Very late last night when I went to charge my laptop, I found a strange cylindrical piece of rubber stuck in the place where the power cord was supposed to go. It could have been a total coincidence it It may be that my visitors had absolutely nothing to do with my laptop being screwed up. It seems an awfully strange conincidence, however, that I left these two people alone with my laptop for three minutes, and all of a sudden the power cord cannot be inserted.

I was able to get by today because the computer was sufficiently powered toget through the day. such is no longer the case. i am going to have to pretend to be sick so that I can either get my computer repaired tOMORROW (they have one day t get it done) or i'll have to buy a new mac. i will not buy the new mac from the place where I take the old one to be repaired, as I do not wish to give the business any incentive to do the job slowly. I'll go in, tell them i must have it by 4:00 tomorrow (it should be a quick job; if I had the right tools. i could probably pull the rubber piece out. If the repair place will not absolutely guarantee that they'll have it ready by 4:00, I'll try one more repair place with the same conditions. I'm having them put it  in writing that they must have it repaired by 4;00  or I  will pay them only  a maximum of the difference between their repair cost and the cost of  the new computer.  If they don't agree to my terms, screw them and   I'll just get a new Mac.

That is the very last time I let religious people or basically anyone outside my immediate family touch my computer. I really hope they messed up their own equipment as well so that they cannot ruin anyone else's computer.

The idea of pretending to be sick is really bothering me, but I see know way out. If I admit that I let someone use my school computer I'm screwed. so I suppose i'm playing hooy for the day and probably getting a few thousand dollarsporer in one day as a result. The sad thing is that I really wanted a new violin. I let my mom borrow mine and I don't know what the hell she was doing with it, but the neck broke off the violin. She offered to get it fixed, but violins are never the same when something that major has gone wrong with them. In theory I can take the money out of my account, but I was going to upgrade my violin, ansd I'm not sure that I'm so wealthy thatb I should be spending eight thousand or so in one week. My mother will certainly have to kick in some of the cost. i think she will need to pay me essentially what my violin that she wrecked cost k=new, minus a bit for ear and tear, and then I'll come up with the rest. that's still a lot of money, and it's money I was putting away so I wouldn't have to live like a pauper in my residency. Still, a decent violin is a necessity for me, and a Mac is non-negotiable.

Sometimes life sucks, alothough, except for having to lie about being sick, it's only money, and when a problem can be fixed by thowing money at it, as long as yu have the money, even if you'd rather not spend it that way, the problem is not a true problem. I'll get over this, but I don't have to be happy about it
My Mac isn't this screwed up, but it may juat as  well be.


  1. What the hell... Why would they mess up your computer? That's nutty.

    Frankly, if I were you, I'd stop feeding 'em. That way, you avoid them messing up your computer and being forced to watch lame videos.

  2. I assume they screwed it up accidentally. but I'm still not feeding them again. I suspect they knew when they removed the insert or whatever from my computer that they knew part of it was still stuck in there, and that they lacked the integrity to admit there was a problem.

  3. Well I guess you can take a closer look at what you said "I did something that was against the rules just because I wanted to be nice to someone." If someone wants to have sex with you and you do not to have sex with them, I guess you could say that it would be a nice thing to do to have sex with them. But I would say that it is a stupid thing to do.

    You should not do stupid things. Letting anyone use your computer is a stupid thing to do, unless you really know them. Of course there are some things that appear stupid that are part of filling your karma and that may have been one of them.

    Your mom should know that you need a new violin and offer to get you one since she broke yours. But the best advice I can give to you is your life will be full of things that you love and that you hate. But take them in stride because someday you will die and you don't know when. If you knew you were about to die tomorrow, would these things mean much to you?

  4. Do not say it is because they were religious, since they could have been Dutch and you could say the same thing. Maybe you should watch Trial of Billy Jack. It has at the end some government troops killing some college students since that really happened.

    Billy Jack says "He is my constant companion" when he was giving a testimonial about a law he broke to protect others. The judge says "who are you talking about?" He says "death is my constant companion."

    He explains that he looks at everything from that perspective. Like not to get very upset about anything since how serious would it be if he knew he was going to die tomorrow. In other words not to sweat the small stuff and it is all small stuff.

    At the same time looking at do you want to waste your time. Like if today is the last day of your life, do you want to be doing today what you are doing. 3,000 people had all sorts of plans for what they were going to do that night, that week and on the weekend but they died when the towers fell 9-11. So this helps to keep things in perspective. P.S. what kind of alien device did they attach to your computer?

    1. They were there because of religious proselityzing, which was why I counsidered them to be religious. As for their personal convictions, I cannot know the insides of their hearts any more than they can know mine,

  5. One more thing. There is nothing wrong with "When people of a certain religious faith somehow get insides the gates of our complex, I sometimes feel sorry for them and feed them." I can only love you for being that way.