Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bimbo, Olivia, Cheating My Life as Cutthroat Bitch, and the Cast

typical auditorium med school class, though not my class; I do not wish to make any of my classmates famous by publishing their photos

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning as I walked into the auditorium for the start of class, I noticed Olivia and Bimbo huddling together. They were speaking in hushed tones but rather intensely to one another as was evident from their facial expressions. Their usual seats in the auditorium are not even close to the area where I normally sit, and I didn't wish to sit in a different spot simply to eavesdrop on their conversation. Instead, I suggested to the guy who looks like Kal Penn, who is even nosier than I am, that it might be interesting to know what might possibly have them so up in arms.

Kal Penn (obviously not the REAL Kal Penn) took the bait and left his seat to find a perch in the row directly in front of the two magpies.  In university classes held in  regular classrooms, students typically within the first two weeks of a quarter or term settle into a particular seating formation, and sitting in someone else's seat is considered an unspoken semi-breach of etiquette.  With our auditorium-setting classes, we haven't lodged ourselves into particular chairs, but instead tend to sit in certain general areas of the auditorium. 

The auditorium in which we meet for the Cardio/Pulmonary segment of Health and Disease has something like twenty-two rows of seats, most of which consist of twenty seats across. Five seats are on the outside of each aisle, and ten seats are between the two aisles in most rows. I usually sit in stage left of the aisle seating, five or six rows from the front, typically one or two seats in from the aisle. I don't claim de facto ownership of any particular seat. I just take whatever seat is available in my general area of preference. If every seat were taken, I would sit elsewhere.

In any event, no one appeared to think much about it when Kal Penn moved from the area where he usually sits, which is in my section, and moved one row ahead of Bimbo and Olivia, directly in front of them. He would have been in roughly row fifteen, dead center. I didn't suggest that my brother sit near them because A) I didn't want my brother to be distracted from the lecture; Kal Penn can multi-task well enough to monitor the magpies' conversation while taking in the lecture; and B) my brother sits in the center section near the stage right aisle, so I would have had to walk all the way across the auditorium to speak with him even had I wanted him to play Harriet the Spy for me.

During lunch break, Kal Penn told me that the conversation was largely quite boring, but that most of their talk concerned the Cool Guy in class (the one who allegedly first referred to me as Cutthroat Bitch) and whether or not he had noticed Bimbo and reciprocated her feelings of lust. (Those were his actual words.) They also allegedly expressed concern about the content of a test in Cardio/Pulmonary to be held on Friday. They would have been better off, if they're really so concerned about the upcoming test, to hold off on their discussion of Bimbo's carnal desires for Cool Guy until after the lecture was over, but that's just my opinion. Perhaps I'm the one who needs to be paying more attention and taking better notes. 

We receive grades for tests, and everyone who wishes to be accepted as part of the group shows his or her returned test paper to others. Our final course grades for the first two years, however, are pass/fail, and we have no class rankings for the first two years, as it's impossible to maintain official rankings with a pass/fail system. Nevertheless, everyone knows what the grades are. It's common knowledge as to who's sailing who is floundering, and who is keeping his or her head above water if barely.  The pass/fail and no-ranking system is designed to promote a spirit of camaraderie and to prevent cutthroat behaviors. for the most part, however, most of us attained the academic stature to be admitted to this school in the first place by being competitive, and it's not a trait that any of us can give up easily.

Bimbo doesn't show her test papers. I would assume her scores have been in the cellar. The only possible way such would not be the case would be if she really was a plant for some reason and was merely playing stupid as opposed to actually being stupid. I would not entirely rule out that possibility. Once there was supposedly a cheating ring at a nearby medical school, and the administration put a non-medical school student in as a plant to infiltrate the cheating ring. I find it unlikely though not beyond possibility that Bimbo is part of such an operation, as she's not tight enough with anyone other than Olivia to  gain access to the inside scoop. If anyone were a plant, it would be someone like Kal Penn or the Cool Guy. I wouldn't care anyway because I have absolutely nothing to do  with any form of cheating that may be happening around me. 

I doubt it would be all that easy to cheat in this program, anyway. For tests, we have assigned seats in the auditorium, and there are roughly eight different versions of the test in order to make copying more difficult. The testing periods are heavily proctored. One has to be essentially admitted to a hospital in order to be given the test at any time other than when everyone else takes it. The main form of cheating that might be possible is that someone could have access to information as to what is likely to be on tests from a second or third-year med school student. That sort of thing cannot entirely be prevented, and professors are stupid if they float the same exams year after year without changing things up a bit. 

When I entered the auditorium both Monday and Tuesday, a few guys hollered out "Cutthroat Bitch" semi-enthusiastically, sort of the way the people in "Cheers" call out Norm's name when he comes into the bar,  in the form of a greeting. I half-heartedly slapped hands (I don't do fist-bumps) with those seated near my aisle and acted very casual. 

I didn't get my cast of. I need  it for maybe another two weeks. I was disappointed, but I will survive. I'm spending a fortune on the Febreze I have to buy to spray in it every morning so the scent of the cast won't asphyxiate everyone around me.


  1. I think it's funny that you have that nickname. Why does your cast stink?

  2. My experience has been that all casts get a bit smell after four weeks or more, almost but not quite like a person went the same amount of time without changing socks. Casts are now made out of material that doesn't smeel as much as the casts from the 1970's, but they hav a bit of an odor after a few weeks, but Febreze mostly takes care of it. It probably bothers me more than anyone else. If it gets too bad, I'll get it wet so that a new one has to be put on.

  3. I'm enjoying these posts about your med-school experiences.

  4. Hey Alexis

    Enjoying your stories of medical school.

    My position was Row 3 ( further front was for the try-hards and suck ups!!!) centre bank , perhaps 2 or 3 in from the aisle depending on the order we entered the lecture theatre.

    That order was kept for 6 years in various institutions, medical school, hospital auditorium or whatever. You could be 99.9 % sure where anyone was sitting. And humans are not supposed to be herd animals. And medical students are supposed to think and act independently and not just follow.

    1. When it comes to the nitty gritty of the matter, humans, even supposedly intelligent ones, are somewhat predictable creatures.

  5. This post reminded me of the very famous saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." I wonder who originally came up with that saying. You call that woman Bimbo ("an attractive but empty-headed young woman, especially one perceived as a willing sex object.")

    If you do not want to be called something like that, then you should not call others by a name like that. You can change it to something kinder like Bambi. Also because you are extremely intelligent, if you compare others to you, then it would make them look stupid.

    Also I am not a Christian but since the woman that you refer to as Bambi has the same creator as you, then in a sense she is your sister. Would your Father appreciate you calling his other daughter by that name?

    Also is your hope for her to someday to become a crack whore or to become a fairly good doctor even if she cannot become another genius doctor like Dr. House, like you can be. How you treat her, can affect her future.

    1. i wouldn't call the woman "Bimbo" in a forum where her feelings were likely to be hurt. If i felt that she was working really hard, i wouldn't refer to her in a deprecating manner. It seems, however, that she isn't working hard or taking school seriously, and it bothers me that a spot in a good medical school was for some reason wasted on a person who lacks both innate intelligence and a work ethic. I'm perfectly happy working and studying with someone who may not be the brightest person on the planet, but is so eager to learn that he or she is willing to put in whatever time is needed to learn what needs to be learned.

      If I were to behave like a bimbo, I would probably be called one, and i would deserve it.

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  7. There used to be a TV show called Touched by an Angel. One was about an MD and a newspaper reporter. The newspaper reporter wanted proof that angels exist. So an angel met with her in a restaurant. She told the female newspaper reporter a story about a drunk driver that ran over and killed a medical doctor's son so the MD hated this drunk driver.

    Then later there is a situation where the drunk driver needed an operation right away to save his like and only this MD described above could do it. He wanted to let the guy die but he did the operation and saved his life. So after the reporter hears this story and how an angel helped him come to this decision, she is mad and says that it is an awful story with an awful ending where the drunk driver lives.

    The reporter is crossing the street and does not see the bus that is about to run her over. A guy tackles her and saves her life. So she asks the guy his name. The guy that just saved her life is the drunk driver from the story!

  8. Jews were taught to judge and punish people. I am Jewish. Then Jesus came along and taught people that they can be better than that, if they want. Matthew 25:40 (NIV) says " 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' "

    Jesus is saying that the king said this but it can be taken to mean that you should treat this woman like you would treat Jesus. He also said "Judge ye not unless ye be judged." The Son of man, as He was called, was teaching that the most important thing that exists on this planet is the human being. He showed or demonstrated the potential of a human being.

    Psychologically speaking certain emotions make you feel good or happy like love, generosity and others. Then some make you feel awful like hate. So hate makes you feel miserable. Actually what helps me not to judge others is when talking to other people, I find that I had an incredible childhood.

    I guess you know what the derogatory word for a Jewish woman in America is. It is princess. Actually a JAP-- Jewish American Princess. They do not mind being called that. Also maybe I am mistaken but didn't you put that quote of Buddha on your Twitter page that says: "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

    Also Jesus said "You look for slivers in other's eyes when you have logs in your own eyes." There is another saying similar to this. "When you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you. The criminal system in America is based on Jewish law, not the teachings of Jesus.

  9. Are you any relation to the Fresno Bluesteins?

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  11. I do not know. My grandfather and his 2 brothers had the name Bluestein in this country and now have many descendants. I am not in touch with my grand-uncles' kids. But all the Jews and Arabs are descendants of Abraham. The bible says that the Jews are descendants of Abraham and his wife Sarah and the Arabs are descendants of Abraham and his maid servant Hagar. But the Arabs say that Hagar was the wife and Sarah was the maid servant.

    My mother's side (I have her last name) is Bluestein but my father's name is Vaughan. My father was born in Ireland and his family had him eating meals with beer while he was growing up. So he drank too much and was with my mother when she was pregnant with me. He tried to pick fight with 2 marines (The fighting Irish) so my mother divorced him. So I am half Irish Catholic and half Jewish.

    When the above happened my mother was living in New York and was teaching ballet at the Joulliard School of Performing Arts (Dance/Drama/Music).

    1. That's a very interesting backstory.

      The Bluestseins in Fresno are folksingers. There father, who sang with them when he was alive, was an English professor at the local university. they're quite good as folk singers go.

  12. Alexis, I am watching the movie Jack and Jill and it reminds me of you. In it, Adam Sandler has a twin sister that is played by him. So when Jack's friend hears that he has a twin sister, he asks Jack if she is an identical twin or a fraternal twin. Isn't that funny? Has anyone ever asked you that? Also Jill says about her brother, "We used to be wombmates." Have you ever said that?

    1. yup, i've been asked that more than once, and in addition two having different genders, we don't look a whole lot alike. When someone asks me that when we're both present, i ask the person if he or she can tell us apart easily. The person usually says somewhat incredulously, "Yeah." then I answer, "Then we must not be all that identical." it's useless to go into the sperm fertilizing the egg, giving each twin the identical genetic material, which would include gender.

      No one has asked me that in medical school except for a girl who flunked out in December. . i will be a bit spooked if a legitimate student here ever asks me that.

      the doctor who delivered us was invloved in twin research during his residency. He says that in nearly every one of almost one thousand cases of twins being born naturally, the second-born twin was significantly lower cognitively than is the first-born. The obviuos reson would be oxygen deprivation. He says there's no good reason for anyone to attempt a vaginal delivery of twins anymore with the current research available and the safety of caesarean section deliveries in modern times. He says if a mother happens to pop the babies out on the way to the hospital, that's the one chance one of his patients has of having a vaginal delivery of twins. There are just too many things that can go wrong with an extra set of arms and legs and an extra cord.

  13. I really appreciate having someone like you to communicate with! I did not know that about the oxygen deprivation. Identical twins have the same DNA. In a movie a twin murdered someone and all they had was DNA so they could not convict since they could not prove who did it.

    I know a chiropractor with an identical twin but his identical twin is 40 pounds heavier than him. My mother was a folksinger. We would go to annual folksinging festivals held on a farm. Jews have a tendency to be good singers, since boys and girls are taught to sing by the canter before the Bar or Bat Mitzvah at age 13.

    A year after the above I did my confirmation of the above with 3 girls and we got more singing lessons since we did a lot of singing for it. I got extra help since I had a part where I would be singing one melody while the audience (congregation) sang a different melody. So singing is a big part of the religion.

    Also, you may not know this. Decades ago it was hard for Jews to compete against Christians for jobs. So Jews invented an industry where they would not have to compete with Christians. It was the motion picture business. Many Italians also got into it and decades ago the movies called musicals were very popular.

    An example of this were Jerry Lewis (Jewish) and Dean Martin (Italian) that made many movies together. They would also sing in them.

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  15. I bet you will like this story. I was at an Insight Personal Growth Seminar. A beautiful woman got up in front of the group and talked about how she has been having a problems with depression. But I saw something else. I figured that I could tell her something to make her feel better. She did feel better but also fell in love with me. I had no problem at all with that but it was a surprise.

    So I told her that I saw a movie where there was a genius in a high school. The genius was a boy and a high school girl was talking to him. She was saying how happy and excited she was to be talking to a genius. He was not so happy. She asked him, "What is it like to be a genius?" He said that being a genius makes him feel very lonely. When I said that, the woman said "Yes it does." So this woman loved that I figured out a big cause of her depression and she was less lonely.

    The following was not a habit of mine but just an isolated incident. When I was in 4th grade at age 9, I fell in love with these 2 adorable looking girls that were identical twins-- Lisa and Anita. So they became my girlfriends. I figured that when we got older they would marry me and we would live happily forever after. I did know that it was illegal.

    In Philadelphia the outside recess in the winter was cold. So when we (my brother and I) got outside, our grandfather was there waiting for us with 2 hot chocolates. This did not happen with the other kids. Then when I got these 2 girlfriends, that were identical twins, my grandfather would be waiting outside with 4 hot chocolates so Lisa and Anita could also drink them.

  16. I was watching the beginning of a movie and it had a Paul Simon song. That reminded me of how you had a Paul Simon song on your blog with Chevy Chase. Chase had nothing to do with the music. It was when Paul Simon was on Saturday Night Live and that was a skit.

    Paul Simon has the most unique and original music that I have ever heard. What kind of music does he sing? You mentioned some Bluesteins liking folk music. Simon started as part of a group. Wikipedia says"Arthur Ira "Art" Garfunkel (born November 5, 1941) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer and Golden Globe-nominated actor best known for his partnership with Paul Simon in the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel."

    So they sang "folk rock." All the songs of this group were written by Paul Simon. Both of them are Jewish. Here is one of their songs that was #1.