Monday, July 7, 2014

Aunty Jillian's Post for Alexis

Aunt Jillian is here now. I'm not actually in Alexis' presence at the moment, though was I was just a few moments ago.  I'm skyping with what little of her that is conscious.

The same doctor who performed her sigmoidoscoy did this procedure as well. She did not want him to perform the surgery,  The consensus around here is that her is  that he is the most skilled endoscope/colonoscope surgeon   in southern CA if not in the entire state.   He told her he would do  anything in his power to keep  it from hurting her .  At one point it was obvious she was experiencing major discomfort. My brother-in-in law, who is a general a surgeon, told him just to get through it as fast as possible. The gastro man told my brother-in-law, who was assisting, to hit  her with the maximum amount of propanolyl  that would be safe for her size.  Kent, my brother-in-law,  didn't agree, but he did hit her with  her it but not with with quite as much of the stuff as GastroMan would have liked, but it was enough that we had no evidence whatsoever that Alexis experienced any pain in the least after that. They'll need to switch drugs tomorrow to avoid too much of any one thing, but GastroMan refuses to let her suffer.  Kids should know that most doctors will do anything they can do avoid having any patient suffer, but especially when it's a kid.

Regarding the bet . . . her brother showed up here on Friday with veggies from her mom's garden and with a envelope from Alexis containing $100.  I told her brother to take the envelope with money back to her. A few minutes later my husband overheard her brother talking to a friend on his cell phone about how he had just  come into about $100 dollars that they could spend on whatever  they had in mind. When Alexis' brother saw my husband, he tried too convince him that he was joking. As far as whether or not he was,  God and Matthew alone know the truth.  My husband made Matthew hand over the envelope containing the cash. My husband then stuck the $100  in his wallet and promptly forgot about it. This was the cause of Alexis thinking I kept her money. Scott found it in his pocket and mentioned it to me. I sent Scott over right then to take the money back to the poor kid.  I've been told she is sleeping with the cash-containing envelope under her pillow.

She's been allowed to sleep all day. Tomorrow she'll have to wake up for her own good.  She'll still be allowed to nap a little, but she can't sleep all day tomorrow.

She's tired but happy enough. We're hoping she will be comfortable even if she's still a bit groggy tomorrow. Gastroman took the promise not to hurt her very seriously, though he used the safest drug on the market for it.

She said to thank everyone for being her friends.  She promises to rejoin the land of consciousness tomorrow.

I would like to thank you all as well.   She's not really normally moody, but being in grave pain can bring that sort of thing out in just about anyone. Thanks for everyone's words of kindness to Alexis.

Jillian for Alexis tonight. tomorrow we'll make her type her own blog.


  1. Thank you for the update. Alexis has become a good friend, even though I don't know her offline. I'm praying for her comfort and well-being and look forward to seeing her back and feeling better soon.

    She's very lucky to have so many loved ones attending to her.

  2. Hi Alexis,

    I can't wait to see you back online. I'm hoping that the procedure you had will have a positive impact on your health. Just keep pushing forward and remember to take one day at a time. You have a lot of people praying for you and cheering you on.

    Love, Becca

    PS: Maybe once you get better we can plan to skype??

  3. Alexis,

    Hope you're recovering.I'm blessed with a cast-iron digestive system but my daughter rides the roller-coaster of bowel disorder. It is so linked with emotions ,both as a cause and effect , so I know you must feel down with the flare-ups.

    Please try to stay positive and to learn the redflags along the way. And please,please don't be afraid to ask for help.One of the worst traits of medical practitioners is to feel that we must not complain or give into symptoms we understand. We are notoriously bad at making the assessment that a condition is in need of intervention until it is full blown.( I just had a review with my orthopaedic surgeon who read me the riot act !!!!)

    I miss hearing from and about you and hope it's not long before you're back online with us.

    Sending all best wishes from the land downunder.