Sunday, March 30, 2014

Will the REAL Mindi Carpenter please stand up?

not Mindi but it looks a bit like her

There's another Mindy Carpenter on youtube. She spells her first name ending in  a y rather than an i, and she's no relation to the other Mindi Carpenter or to Richard Carpenter. I personally think she should find another name, but then, I think a lot of random things.

The REAL Mindi Carpenter

The Imposter

I've included a video of Richard Carpenter singing one of his and Karen's hits. I've heard worse.  I'm sure we've all heard better, too, but I'll be nice for once.

Lately I've been thinking about Ellen Degeneris as well. I wonder if Audra McDonald will be on Ellen Degeneris' show anytime soon. Stranger things have probably happened.

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  1. Hey… Mindy does look a bit like Mindi! Gee!