Saturday, March 22, 2014

Jobs (official and unofficial) and the Drought

My mom's favorite Baby Lexus picture. I was probably about twenty-two months old.

I turned down a job offer. Turning the job down may have been a mistake, but I can only do so much. Right now I've made commitments to finish out the quarter with the graduate teaching assistant position, and I've also committed to multiple musical engagements. The director of the lab who called and offered me the position told me that if I want the job even for just a month in May, it's mine. I will possibly take him up on the offer at that time. I already have considerable lab experience, which is probably why the director offered me the position.

My dad doesn't want me to take the job because it's about thirty-eight miles away and also because my dad thinks I have more than enough lab experience for an incoming med school student. Money isn't really an issue, either, as I worked all the way through high school and banked 80% of my earnings. Additionally, though I don't often speak of it, I was awarded a settlement as a result of an assault that happened when I was in high school. I can't access the funds until I'm 30 for anything but educational expenses or to set up a practice or to buy a home, but it's there.  Still, I don't like to see my discretionary spending account dwindle too low. I haven't yet tapped into the 80% of my earnings in high school that I banked, and it would be nice if I didn't touch any of that until med school. I won't earn much if anything at all while I'm in medical school, and I'd like to have my summers off, so it would be good to leave my primary account untouched until September.

Right now my days are filled with supervising labs, grading assignments,  accompanying voice classes, and accompanying soloists in final preparations for their recitals. I have five recitals for which to accompany  between now and the end of April.  None are terribly exciting, but all of my soloists are decent musicians, so it's not exactly torture to accompany them.

Spring has basically sprung here. it's been a dry winter, so we'll hear about the drought and water conservation in incessant PSAs.

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  1. UGH on this lame drought despite the fact it's raining!! *first world problem alert* Plus G is sick of hearing she can't have a deep bath because the fishies need water to live.