Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Les Haute Couture et Coiffure de Polygamie (otherwise known as polygamy)

I spent a large part of the previous weekend lounging around and doing next to nothing, as I somehow developed a nasty case of bronchitis that may have crossed the line into the dreaded territory of croup. I drugged myself with codeine cough syrup, AKA purple sludge, for long enough to stop hacking excessively in order to get through accompanying  a senior recital on Sunday afternoon, but that was the extent of my productivity. In truth, I did cough all over the piano keyboard during the final two songs, but I kept playing, which was all that really mattered. The violinist passed her recitalwith flying colors, and I was playing the gig for free, so she couldn't really complain about my coughing. The remainder of my time last weekend,  or what little of it I was actually conscious, I spent ogling  photographs at mormonhair.tumbler.com.

If you've never been to mormonhair.com, you should seriously give it a look. It does not feature standard LDS hair per se, but rather the hairstyles popularized by the fundamentalist Mormons, and especially Warren Jeffs' FLDS branch. The females there are known for really poofy hair above their foreheads. It's an odd look -- I'm not quite sure who in the world thought it would be flattering,  who agreed, and generally how the trend ever got off the ground.  Some of the braids used are elaborate and attractive . . . from the back. From the front, the women have that  otherworldly-appearing poof that makes even the comparatively few passably pretty females among the flock look like space aliens. Sadly, not many of the flock could be classified as anything resembling passably pretty, at least in my opinion. (Most of us need at least a touch of cosmetic assistance to look our best, and FLDS women are forbiden from wearing makeup. The inbreeding that has occurred among the FLDS over the past century hasn't exactly helped the overall look, either.  Then again, I'm not exactly a supermodel myself, although I at least don't make every effort to look even more ridiculous than I do in my natural state.  those poor ladies haven't consciously chosen to do so, either; it's the fault of Warren Jeffs, his predecessors, and his higher-level underlings. Tpoor women aren't even allowed to pluck their eyebrows.

I've posted a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. I highly recommend that you check out the site.

The lady with the cell phone is Annette Jeffs, first wife (and only legal wife) of Warren Jeffs.(source Aftonbladet)

source politicsrusprinciple
I included this one primarily because the little girl, whom I think is flawlessly beautiful (for that matter, with a more flattering hairstyle and a little makeup, the lady would possibly be pretty as well), doesn't appear (by hair or clothing) to be a member of Warren's flock, although perhaps the picture was taken when she was in state custody after the YFZ raid.
(source: politicsrusprinciple)


  1. I read somewhere that the "poof" was supposed to make them closer to God.

  2. We visited Colorado City once and saw these women-poofy hair and all. There was a big black truck on our tail the entire time.

  3. Remember how the Duggar clan used to look pre TV fame? They could have easily passed as FLDS.

  4. Becca, you're absolutely right. They've changed a lot since then, but the early Duggars DID look like Warren's flock.

  5. Obviously they're not as oblivious to public opinion as they claim to be. Just wait... maybe in a few more years the girls will actually be allowed to wear pants.

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