Monday, August 5, 2013

Preview of Recital

This is actually the CD cover, and is made to look like a Schirmer & Co. music manuscript. The edition I have of this song isn't even by Schirmer, nor is most of the music I'm playing now.

My Uncle scott didn't work today because he was helping his sister move. The van arrived there (about foty-five minutes from here) at 8:00 a.m. sharp, and by three, they even had the pictures hung, There was a lot of help and it was all very organized.

People are showing up here for pizza. Brooke, the sister who is moving in down the road, doesn't want to sleep in the new house until Thursday when the whole family arrives from Utah.  The three girls still in Utah will fly here with their father on Thursday. She's here with her twin baby girls Jillian and Kristina, and her one-year-old, Bristol.  I almost said twin baby birds, because the twins look like little birds -- cute birds, but birds just the same.

Scott was tired and wanted to vegetate, so he told me to play the piano for him. I told him I would play everything I had chosen for my senior recital, nd he could critique my selections. He doesn't really need to critique technique right this very minute, as there's time for that later, and I'm more at ease if it's not errors in fingering or sloppy use of the pedal he's listening for. My mom came in to listen  as well.   I didn't play my surprise encore, of course, because no one will know that.  I might tell my mom on the day, but mostly I'll practice it when she's not home.

Anyway, even though they weren't in theory critiquing technique, both said I'm virtually ready to go. My mom said she still wouldn't trade for the September date if she were I, because  it's too much pressure, and while I'm ready, there's always the encore to think about.   My Uncle Scott thinks I have more music than I need, and he recommended tossing the Buxtehude. That surprised me. I thought if anyone wanted anything tossed, it would be Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith," but he and my mom said that was too perfect and very suited to me, and needs to stay. I wasn't in love with the Buxtehude.  Uncle Scott said he plays Chopin's "Fantaisie Impromptu" but not as well as I do. I'm not sure that's true, but if I even play it as well, it is high praise. Both he and my mom loved Billy Joel's Fantasies and Delusions and agreed it must stay.

Pizza should be here soon. I'll play with Bristol, the one-year-old, until it arrrives.


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  1. I want to come hang out at your house one night and hear piano music, too. ;-)