Friday, August 23, 2013

decisions, decisions . . .

We're in online negotiations, as my mom is in New Zealand. Her opinions are influenced by the fact that it is winter there, and she's only seeing covered-up girls. No matter what, a female in a senior recital will not wear restrictive clothing. I'll have to play in all dresses I'm seriously considering before choosing them, anyway.

I wish I could buy everything I like and just put it in my closet. The problem is that a musician only wears such clothing for a major recital. I will not have many major recitals in my life. For other occasions, I will wear basic black as a musician, as professional musicians do when they're accompanying. Be invisible. It's the rule.

The bottom line here is that I'd much rather be practicing than obsessing over what I'm going to wear.  I'd love to walk onto the stage in a king-sized pillowcase with holes cut for my arms and head [with opaque tights or legings for modesty] just to make a statement, but when I really need an A, it's probably not the time to make a statement.

order 2 sizes too large and have altered to fit me, with extra fabric going for straps
i'm not sure it's formal enough, but Ilike it.
Meanwhile, I've come up with a few different selections.
what I would wear if I had noticeable boobs
same deal;

I'd order  two sizes too large in order that it has straps and is long enough

would flow nicely for violin
My shrink's wife, who is a fashion consultant, wants me to war this for the violin recital. She says it's lightweight enought to flow, but that i cn pull off the form-fittedness at the waist, which is totally unforgiving, but since I have no boobs or wasit to speak of, it would work for me with a very slightly paded bra.  I'll consider it though I don't like the color.

My laptop is possessed, Except for the bottom one, the caption are mostly attached to the wrong dresses.


  1. I'm with you on the light pink dress. The pale blue one is a little dated looking to me. It reminds me of what women wore in 80s era Miss America pageants. It's probably the color doing that, though... If that dress were a little bolder in color, I think it would work better. I don't like long dresses for me because I'm short. I actually wear a pair of cropped pants as regular pants because my legs are so short the regular cropped pants aren't cropped on me.

    I think the top dress is pretty, though if you don't have much of a bust, you will need straps for sure.

    I hope you don't mind my commentary on this. I like shopping for fancy dresses.

  2. My shrink's wife thinks she's seen the pale pink in almost a "hot" pink, deeper rose, blueberry, and dark teal. I'd have to see them, but I'm inclined to go with the blueberry. I'm a young girl and it's obvious. I don't have to advertise it by wearing "hot" pink. I'm thinking seriously of the navy shorter one with the gathered hem, remade from one or two sizes too large to add enough length to take fabric from the bottom for straps and still come to barely above the knee. Barely above the knee is fine for piano as long it stays put, and even if it creeps up and shows just a bit of thigh, that's OK when you're sitting at a piano bench. It's a padded bench as opposed to a high gloss ebony one, so that lack of slickness reduces creeping factor. Then if I want to use it for a party dress later, I can have it shortened again.

    For the violin dress, I'll be moving about the stage a little with my arms up. so I can't have it short enough that people will be looking up my dress. It is supposedly an asset to the overall look of a standing violinist, which I will be expected to be, to have the skirt of one's dress flow with movement. It's part of the visual effect, and an advantage females have. I don't suppose there's anything technically stopping a male from wearing a dress that flows, but . . .

  3. I'm with you on the blueberry, too. From the couple of pics I've seen of you, I think that would look nice. Pink might wash you out a bit. A deeper pink might be nice, as long as it isn't fuchsia or something like that. The purple dress is a pretty color.

    I'm a big fan of navy, though that's a pretty conservative color...

  4. On the navy dress, the color is conservative but the dress itself isn't. so it might be oK. I'll have to play in the dresses to make sure it's work, , but I'm leaning toward the long pale pink in blueberry (if it's a good shade) and the gathered hem short dress in navy, though it will have straps and be almost to the knee on me.

    I think I'm buying the purple just to have. It can also be a piano backup. I'm buying that cute black short one with lace for some of my accompaniment gigs, although I have several black dresses and don't REALLY need it.