Thursday, May 2, 2013

makes nosens. i;ll clear it up tomorrow, but I wanted t say happy 29th bday to Scott

"To Catch a Thief" anti-plagiarism software  cleared me from all but the most random and obscure of works that could ever be fessaysaround by anyone, much less by the software programs. This was quickly concluded to be unlikely to the point of virtual impossibility.  The remaining possibility was that i had a personal source for my plagiarism. A comparison of my in-class tests involvingvolving short or long essays allowed the ethics committee to reach the conclusion that, unless I happened to be highly sophit

  I was contacted today by an academic dean from the English department. I was easked to bring several work samples with me. Once I arrived, I saw that the dean also had several of my papers in front of her and one on her computer screen.  This was at first a cause of immediate concern for me. Once the dean started talking, I relaxed a bit.

She said my papers were of significant quality that they initially flew directly into the foci of  the radar.  The Internet Most papers are submitted to one of several internet services to cross-check for plagiarism.  these services fulfill multiple purposes. First, they check submitted material against anything available on any major search engine, i.e. one cannot blatantly plagiarize a paragraph at a time from Wikipedia, the Mayo Clinic website  or virtually any other easily accessible online source of information. In such cases, a person is usually only copying excepts here or there, but pre modern Internet, catching a student lifting a few odd paragraphs from a given source or two rarely happened and was usually only a conincidence if it were caugth at all.

Secondly, it checks a student's papers against others that are being or have been submitted, thus making it difficult for five students to turn in the same paper to five professors at a given university or even at fifteen different universities across the nation.

This postmakes little or no sense at this oint, and I keep falling sleep with y finger if mn of thr jrdm casuing it tolook like this k]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]].

I'll carify and finish this up tomorrow. In th meantimes, i wanted to wish a belated happy birthday to mysweet Uncle Scottt, one of thr world' truly nicest people. dkfkllb;bll   The babyis not Scott's by the way; he and jillin were abysitting.


  1. What happened? You got accused of plagiarism?

  2. It's all good. My next post clears it up.