Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Little Less Contentious Than Last Night; Guinness Has That Effect

                                           a Mormon nun if there were such a thing

Last night's post was a bit of a downer, though necessary. It isn;r easy to deal with those who  feel that they have eer right to be angry andto resort to name-calling when a joke makes any reference to their religion, /perhaps they should try reading the writings of robert Kirby of the Salt Lake Trib. Then again, they'd probably just spew vitriol at him,call him an idiot, and tell him he doesn;t know what he's talking about despite his unofficial distinction as the historian of LDS reality.

Right noRight now I'm having three-quarters of a Guiness in honor of all the Anonoymous posters,who may have been just one responder with mutiple personalitieshea. As much as I would like to help this perso,  there is none so blind as he or she who will not see, I'll just keep drinking a eekly Giness on their behalf every week or so.  It may not do a damned tihing for the one or various anonymous poster.

My mom watched Jared's little brthers and sisters today so his mom could drive in to Los Angeles to see him and his tatto. When I finally got home this evening, she was already crashed for the night. It's been ahwile since she's been responsible for so many kids, some of them all day because htheor too young for school. I can't wait ot hear what Jared's mom rhinks about the tattoo,

I'm figuratively falling asleep at the wheel here. I'll talk to you tomorrow night.

Beware of falling coconuts.


  1. My mother does not like tattoos. jared's mothr
    didn't like his. she felt that it was his right to get a tattoo. she just thought that at the age of 18 it was unwise to get a tattoo bearing a girl's name -- any girl's name. It was supposedly not anything personal against me.