Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

      my  mommy's favorite flowers; please don't think I'm a cheapskate; the real thing is coming

To all the mothers in cyberland, please pardon the typos (I have ointment in my eyes this morning; I still haven't edited the typos from my last post, when I also had ointment in my eyes; sorry!) as i wish you all a very happy Happy Mother's Day.  I hesitate to mention names, as iknow I'll forget someone cricial either in my real life or my online life, but here it goes, and if I missed you, hit me in the head figuratively via some sort of reminder so that as i am editing my typos later today, I may edit you in as well.

Happy Mother's Day to my own mom, to my Aunt Victoria, to my Aunt Kathleen, to my Aunt Colleen, to my Aunt Ilianna, to my Aunt Jillian who is not yet a mother but WILL  be, to my aunt Andrea, to myAunt Joanne, and to myAunt Cristelle, to hoonorary aunts Aunt Maria and  Aunt Becky  (all of you, please take note that I have a whole lot of aunts who didn't merit mention; YOU are special.)

Happy mother's Day to my Grandma Anne, who is no longer with us 9mom and AuntVicotira took our flowers earlier in the week. I hope you could see them from wherever you are), and to my Grandma  Victoire, whose flowers should already have been delivered in Utah. Matthew and I pooled our resources for your flowers because Matthew has limited resources. I know your house must be full of flowers by this point. I hope our bouquet was at least nice enough to cause you to pause and look at it for a moment if you were not the one who answered the door when it was delivered.

Also meriting special mention are Tina, Amelia Ambyland, Knotty (stepmothers count even if your husband's psycho ex won't allow you or he to have contact with them), to Becca's mom and Grandma B. and her mom's twin and othr sister, and to her step-sister-in-law, to dr. Jeff;s wife who sometimes takes care of me when I have headaches even though it;s neither her profession nor her subspecialty, to Setphanie )Jared's mom, with whom I hope to always have a relationship regardless of the status of any relationship i do or don;t have with Jared, to Stephanie's sisters-in-law, whom I'll try to name" Brooke, Laura, Karina, and Alison amd to Jared's grandmother Verlene (none of whom read my blog, and we want to keep it that way, but I'll send my good wishes just the same) to Amelia who has something in common with my own mother, to Donna, to Amy,  to Paul's mother and to the mother of any children he may have, to Mr. Wright's mother and to the mother of his child, to Lauren,  to Minnesota joy, to Nimish, to Jennifer, to faery, to Mrs. Catherine, to shanduh the panduh, to Ellie, to kelly, to tiger, to Matt's mum, to his wife who has probably mothered a pet or two along the way, and, for that mattr, for anyone who has mothered a pet or two along the way. a special shout out goes to aanyone who's taken in a stray. ne it caniine, feline, human, or whatever.

Teachers -- even those less-than-great in my opinion, do more than their share of parenting. Happy Mother's day to all of them as well. And Happy Mother's day to Nurses in genreal, and particularly to those who help to bring new babies into the world and to ease new mothers from that transition from pregnancy to actual motherhood.

I think I've alluded to this earlier, but a special good wish goes out to anyone who has ever formally functioned as a foster parent or who has informally taken in someone else's child. Ther is a special place inheaven for those so willing to give ouf their time, their love, nd of themselves.

The world as we know it would never have come into existence without mothers, nor would it continue to revolve as we know it, both literally and in a more metaphysical sense, without the continued presence and functioning of the mothers of the planet.  to anyone who's ever nurtured a child (related or unrelated -- even to the  extent of  consoling a child whose family has wandered away from him at an amusement park or big box store) or a pet, it's your day to enjoy. I don't really care what the conservative critics had to say about ideas implied by  Mrs. Clinton's book title, It Takes a Village.  It takes avillage and more to sustain a child physically, mentally, and emotionally to adulthood. (Happy Mother' Day to Hilary Clinton as well, who, whether one likes her politics or not, if the fruit of one's labor is any indication, did a hell of a job as a mother.) Happy Mother's day also to our nation's first mother, Mrs. Obama.

Again, i'm sorry if I missed  anyone, and let me know if such has been the case. and, once more, i'll fix the typos when my eyes are clear.

P.S. Some of us are enjoying this day in more locales than are the rest of us.


  1. Aw Alexis... Thank you for thinking of me. That's very nice.