Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will Casey Take the Stand?

The Defense is supposedly close to wrapping up its case in the Casey Anthony trial. Will Casey take the stand, or will she not? My opinion is that she'd be very stupid to do so, but it would not be the first stupid thing she's done. She has a high opinion of herself and might possibly think she could go one-on-one with prosecutor Jeff Ashton and come out ahead. I personally think he'd make her lies so transparent that even she would know she was not winning that particular battle.

We probably won't see her on the stand, as her defense team almost certainly would have lain out the odds for her by now, but it's conceivable that she wouldn't be willing to listen. With her arguably narcissistic personality, she may think the only way of getting her story out is to tell it herself. It would certainly be a spectacle if she were to testify -- almost certainly more riveting than anything else on network or cable TV at the time -- but it won't bring back poor Caylee.

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