Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Who fathered Caylee Anthony? To me, she did not bear a strong resemblance to any of the principal players --George, Cindy, Casey, or Lee-- in the Anthony family. Casey has told someone that Caylee's father died, but Casey has said many things that have turned out to be untrue.

I wonder if Casey doesn't know which former lover fathered the child. She seems to have had enough money to live independently without working. Could the father have provided that money? I certainly don't blame the father for not wanting to be a part of this media circus, but I suspect that, whether or not he's providing financial support, he knows who he is. The child probably more closely resembled him and/or his family than she resembled the Anthonys.

My hypothesis is that he's a married man with a comfortable enough income that he is able to subsidize Casey without his wife becoming suspicious. He's not publicly acknowledging his paternity because, in addition to not wanting to be dragged into the whole mess and possibly even thrown under a bus, he doesn't want his wife to learn of his infidelity.

I wonder why Casey or the defense hasn't outed him and blamed him as the killer. My guess is that Casey thinks she can beat these charges and continue collecting from him. This is only a stab in the dark. Only the killer and/or Casey really know(s) all of the answers to today's questions.
Casey herself seems so far removed from reality that I'm not entirely sure she can separate the truth from the lies anymore.

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