Monday, June 13, 2011

Time warp in the Loony Bin /Tennis/ Track vs. Hurdling

Anytime I leave my mental health facility, I return to find things almost exactly as I left them. It's odd. My shrink would say I'm being egocenntric as usual, but it's almost as though everyone is standing in the eact same place, holding the identical position he or she was when /i left, each time I am buzzed through the security door to return. Next time i leave, I am taking pictures and then taking htme again upon my return to prove my point.

I'm playing one set of tennis with PseudoAunt tomorrow. She is allowed to play a single set of tennis because her weight has reached the minimum poundage allowed for her to exercise again since she became critically ill six or so weeks ago. Even if she hasn't played in almost two months and is at her very weakest she could be while being allowed to play, she'll win esily She's good.

My dad is really good as well. My dad and Scott actually play Jillian and me fairly even in doubles. My dad's serve is overpowering, but Jillian and I are both counterpunchers who get much of our power from the strength of opponents' shots, so if we can get our racquets on his serves, the point is even from then on. The best part is that my dad has to play all-out to beat us, and even then there's no guarantee. He and Scott are probaly 555 to Jillian's and my 45%; it may be even slightly closer. When he and I play, it's competitively pointless because he's so much better. At least with Jillian, she can play me at her best and I can gauge how I'm doing by whether I get two games off of her. She is kind enough to not humor mwe by giving up points or games to me because she knows how much I hate that and that I can tell when she's doing it. If I play my dad, I'm lucky to win one point per game. He doesn't even double fault against me because there's no reason for him to try a risky-enough second serve to cause a double-fault. I like playing him because playing a superior player raises one's level, but he'll probably never be so old than I can beat him until he's actually dead.

It really doesn't matter, though. Tennis is just for fun where I'm concerned. My sports are track (hurdling) and diving. I must soon decide between them for competitive purposes at the university level. The choice is not going to be as easy as I thought. The act of diving itself is more fun than the practice aspect of track and field, which is largely drudgery. Still, head-to-head competition is more fun than doing my own dive and observing my score, then waiting around while others do the same thing. I still have to meet with that exercise physiologist, who will tell me to which sport I am more physically suited. I'm curious to see what he says, and the information he provides may actually impact my choice.

I suspect I would fare better against the competition in diving than in hurdling, but that by itself may not be sufficient reason to choose diving over hurdling. It's a tough choice. Additionally, I still need to meet coaches. that alone could make my decision for me.

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  1. Good luck with making the choices, Alexis. No matter what you choose, I have a feeling you will do well in the sport you select.