Saturday, March 12, 2011


I've seen a bit of the California coast in the past two days (I believe that's within the limits of specificity I'm allowed in divulging my whereabouts) but haven't observed anything all that impressive. The devastation in Japan is terribly sad. I'll ask my parents if they can take money from my account and donate it to the Red Cross or a similar charity. PseudoUncle wouldn't allow me anywhere near the waves today when we were walking on the beach because he didn't want to explain to my parents how a tsunami wave swept me away. Silly PseudoUncle!

We had really greasy hamburgers for dinner. I could only finish half of mine. My PseudoUncle kept giving me the evil eye, but my stomach will contain only so much LDL-producing animal fat at a given time.

I think earthquakes should be given names, similar to the way hurricanes are named. Maybe an earthquake should have to reach a given Richter Scale point -- perhaps 6.0 or even 7.0. If the problem is that no one concerned with tracking seismic activity has time to waste on such trivialities as naming earthquakes, I volunteer for the task. My cyber-friend Rebecca would probably even be willing to help.

Bobby Flay's tour of Ireland was aired on Food Network tonight. No one here wanted to watch it, but it's being recorded at my hospital. I suspect it's totally bogus and probably not worth watching, but I'll watch it anyway to ascertain that I'm not missing anything worthwhile. On his last special filmed in Ireland many years ago, Bobby Flay said he would like to take his mother to Ireland. I wonder if he has done so. If not, I would suggest that he get a move on. His mother's certainly not getting any younger.


  1. There are so many Earthquakes, though. thousands every day, who would decide which ones were big enough to be named?

    Be a big job, but someone could work it out.

  2. By the way, who is Bobby Flay?

  3. Hi Matt1!
    Bobby Flay is an American television chef who's of Irish descent. I became familiar with his TV shows during bouts of insomnia this fall. Sometimes during the wee hours, my TV choices were limited to infomercials and cooking shows. If my parents would have given me access to more of my hard-earned cash, I probably would have opted for the infomercials and shopping networks. Since mommy and daddy think money should be saved rather than spent on the many worthwhile "not available on the stores" offers, I watched the Food Network and became privy to the world of Bobby Flay, Nigella Lawson, and Alton Brown.

    You're right about there being many earthquakes. This is why we would need to set a Richter Scale minimum before naming them. I'm not sure what the minimum should be, but certainly any temblor 8.0 or higher is worthy of a name and not just a number and location.


  4. I think the ones that cause enough devastation to make it on the news should be the ones that get the names.

    Asuka (tomorrow)
    Isamu (bravery)
    Kaito (sea)

    The Japanese, I believe, pay significant attention to the name’s meaning. They are less likely to name a child something with a sour significance, like Mallory (unlucky) or Cash (conceited), both names are in the top 300 on the USS.