Sunday, March 6, 2011

Couvade Syndrome

Couvade syndrome is a condition in which the mate of a gestational female experiences symptoms typical of those experienced by a pregnant female. The condition derives its name from a medieval Basque tradition of allowing the male partner of a laboring woman to lie in bed and moan as the woman experienced labor pains, and to be waited on and allowed to convalesce for a considerable interval after the birth of the child. This Basque tradition is every bit as bizarre as couvade syndrome itself, but that's a topic for another blog on another day.

Couvade syndrome is generally considered by the medical community to be a psychosomatic condition, to which I would offer a resounding "Duh!!!" Some experts in the field have attempted to offer lame research involving cortisol levels and other variables to prove a physiological basis for this rather peculiar disorder. Such proponents do little other than display their savage misogyny. (Savage misogyny, is, by the way, my new favorite buzzword, and I plan to use it as often as possible whether it fits my topic of discussion or not.)

Seriously, other than the sympathetic weight gain, which can be explained away by either a husband eating becuase his wife is eating and there's lots of good stuff around to eat, or a husband feeling OK about putting weight on because his wife is doing the same, can you imagine anyone you know experiencing this condition for real? I for one find it hard to believe. I do, however, sense an idea brewing. we could have a celebration here at the facility commemorating odd psychosocial phenomena. If we do such a thing, my condition will be that of an hysterical pregnancy. I've long been fascinated by that particular phenomenon as well. Multiple personality disorder would be interesting as well, but with Sybil, The Three Faces of Eve, and plots from various daytime dramas and telenovelas, that one has been done to death.

I'll keep my loyal readers -- all four of them -- posted.


  1. Everything you blog is pretty stupid, but you outstupided even yourself this time. This has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read in my entire life.

  2. I've heard of Couvade Syndrome before. It seems like a fascinating thing. My step- brother's new girl friend is pregnant and he seems like a candidate for the syndrome, maybe.

  3. Everything you blog is pretty stupid, but you outstupided even yourself this time. This has to be the stupidest thing I've ever read in my entire life.

    My word! There's something you don't often see! a comment from a person who is genuinely illiterate!

    Alexis, you have a real keeper, here! Remember to type slower for this one, OK?

  4. Matt,
    I'm pretty sure the commenter was my cousin Ammon. If it wasn't Ammon, is was Kurt.In either case, oeferring to the responder as an illiterate would be minimizing the accident of birth.

  5. Hi Alexis, I haven't been here for a while even though I enjoy your blogs very much.I think last time I heard of the couvade syndrome was a long time ago and I knew it as a ritual. Now that you mentioned it I had to check it again and I was surprised to see that it was used or maybe still is force in so many countries. It is fine with me if it is customary in parts of this world that they think it can help the delivery of a baby. I don't believe the couvade is a disorder and if someone is in terrible stress can hit heir lungs and yell till it gets out of their system whatever it bothers them.
    Now you came to another Greek word which means hold on maybe you don't want me to say what it means. You must have a valid reason to feel that you have to use this word from now on as your buzzword. Believe it or not I got to go cause Judge Alex is on . Ha ha ha I'll be back.

  6. I am back, another silly episode ;when do these litigants are going to learn that they need a receipt to validate their proof of their case?
    Any way I wanted to ask you why your friends above are so mean to you? Or are joking around with you! I should have used the word " misogyny" when I was arguing with one of the "others" on F B
    I thought they wouldn't know the word.
    Bottom line I liked your blog very interesting for me and now I am going to read some older subjects of yours cause I do have time today.
    Take care and keep writing whatever comes to your mind.You have incredible writing skills and you should use them on any subject you want.
    That's what a blog is all about.