Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bizarre Dream

Last night I had a peculiar dream. It wasn't the nightmare -- that one wasn't all that peculiar -- but another dream I had earlier in the night. In this odd dream, I had a baby. The birth experience or pregnancy or even conception were not part of the dream. I just all of a sudden owned a baby.

The baby's name was Mary Alexis. One thing I can guarantee is that if I ever have a baby her name will not be Mary Alexis. That has to be one of the more ridiculous name I've ever heard. I remember fiding out that the baby's name was Mary Alexis by seeing it on a birth certificate. I remember questioning someone in the dream as to how the baby got the name of Mary Alexis and stating that it was not a name I would give to a baby, but the person with whom I spoke insisted Mary Alexis was indeed the baby's correct name.

I remember that as I was driving newborn Mary Alexis home from the hospital, she was already calling me "Mommy." I think I was looking forward to impressing my acquaintances with the fact that my newborn baby could already talk, or at least could speak one word. The baby had dark hair -- a respectable but not ape-like amount. The baby was quite small -- too small-- even for a newborn.

I was driving Mary Alexis home from the hospital in my dream. I don't yet have a driver's license. As I was driving while holding Mary Alexis, I realized that I was committing a safety violation, so I pulled over to the side of the road, fastened my seatbealt, and drove off still holding the baby in my left arm as I steered with my right. I should note that I am from a family that would probably alert the proper authorities on their own next of kin if the next of kin as much as drove from one parking space to another with a child in the car not properly secured in an appropriate seat or carrier.

I don't recall being concerned that my parents were going to kill or disown me for having this baby. Neither was it a concern to me that, despite the fact that I am seventeen, I am not yet physically capable of conceiving a child even with help from the opposite sex -- which I most definitely have not had, I should add.

I apologize for sharing the contents of my strange dream here, but I wanted to make note of it because if I didn't, I would surely forget the details. To the relative (Ammon or Curt) who thought my blog about couvade syndrome was "the stupidest thing ever written," you were wrong; this blog was.


  1. I once had a dream that I was lost in the back hallways of a hospital with random babies. I had several babies hanging off of me, but I couldn't find how to get out. Then you know who shows up and helps me.

    I wonder what the significance of the baby's size is. The name instantly reminded me of the Virgin Mary, and maybe the middle name being a literal representation to you. I remember you mentioning that you were a very early talker, and that you were a very tiny baby. Maybe you subconsciously feel like you are being self-reliant? Dreams are so interesting!

  2. Becca is right. Dreams of interesting. Sometimes it is our subconscious just messin' with us and having fun at our expense.

  3. No, sorry, that was meant to be dreams are interesting. ;o))