Sunday, November 7, 2010

On Second Thought

The post I authored Friday night was OK in terms of content. Saturday's post wasn't. I'll save it in the archives. Once the whole mess that is my life is sorted out, I can post it if it is still relevant or to see how well I and certain others fared as legal prognosticators. (Not one of us is half as obnoxious as Nancy Grace even if we try to be.) In addition to safety concerns, publishing it now whould be similar to a Super Bowl contender publishing its entire game strategy a week or so before the big game. The late great Vince Lombardi used to say that if everyone on the team did his job correctly, a team could hand the other team the complete blueprints of its strategy for each play of the game and still win. The differences are: A) Lombardi was talking about football, not life (literally); B)Vince Lombardi may have said that, but he also went to the trouble of concealing his practice field so that the opposition couldn't scout his team during practice; C) why give the opposition ideas that may not have occurred to them? D) there was a "D" but I can't remember what it was. I'll edit it in if I ever remember it.

Buona notte!


  1. Hey Alexis! Sorry I've been MIA. I'm back in the hosp. with 102 temp. Iit all week, and I've learned that our local ER docs are air heads. Dr. Boyle is freaking out, I hear. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you!! : )

  2. 102??? Bloody Hell! Hope you are on the men, Becca!

    And Alexis, I have vaguely heard of Vince Lombardi. But if asked, I'd have said he was a lawyer or a leader of a 1940s Dance Band.

    Although I almost certain I am wrong on that!

  3. Oh, oh! I'll re-phrase that. I hope you are on the mend, Becca. Not on the men!