Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pathological Liar Day

It's Pathological Liar Day on the funny farm. One of the nurses said that before we, the current crop of young crazy people, occupied the ward, there were never faux holidays and social events organized by the patients. She was not sure whether the new development was good or bad. I don't really see how it could be a bad thing. It's not as though we ignore the social director's activities in favor of our own. We participate in the sanctioned events as well.

If I were the social director, just to make my job easier, I would work with the crazy people so that sanctioned activities coordinated with those dreamed up by the patients. There hasn't been a problem so far, and I don't anticipate there ever being one. It's just that we could practically do her job for her if she would allow us to do so, and we make it a point not to leave anyone out of our activities. This is not a cliquish nut house; it's equal opportunity and thoroughly non-discriminatory.

We made an agreement with the psychological intern that we wouldn't extend our lies to private therapy sessions, and no group official sessions were scheduled for today. In exchange for agreeing not to lie pathologically in our therapy sessions, we get to order pizza from a real pizza establishment as opposed to hospital pizza, which is worse than the cheapest kind of frozen pizza available in grocery stores. There are actually some entrees that the hospital kitchen manages not to render tasteless, but cardboard would be an improvement over the crust of whatever commercial frozen pizza they have managed to procure. We haven't decided whether to vote on which kind of pizza we want or to create some sort of competition, with the winner earning the right to choose.

My priest, not the one who excommunicated me but the newer and nicer one, is coming by to visit me this afternoon. He's in the area for some reason; I'm not sufficiently important that a priest will drive hundreds of miles out of his way to visit me. Before he comes in, I'll explain about Pathological Liar Day so that he understands why Chaz is boasting non-stop about his sexual exploits. If the priest so desires, he can even join in on the festivities and add a few lies of his own to the mix. I don't know if priests are allowed to do that sort of thing or not.

Nothing else exciting is happening. I'll update or re-post if anything really great or noteworthy occurs on the premises. Otherwise, no news is good news. Speaking of news, the North Korea situation has me a bit worried. I have cousins in the military, and I hope they're not going to be deployed anywhere near there.

Matt, I hope you post your next story soon.

Becca, continue to get better.

Annyeonghi gaseyo!



  1. If the priest so desires, he can even join in on the festivities and add a few lies of his own to the mix. I don't know if priests are allowed to do that sort of thing or not.

    It doesn't matter if he does. He can confess. Can he confess to himself? Or is that against the rules? ;o))

    Thanks for your comment on my story. I have several more I might upload.

    I have one about mythical creatures. Only, they aren't mythical, after all. (No, they aren't vampires!)

  2. Matt, I started to respond to your question, but someone else came up behind me and hit a button on my computer either intentionally or accidentally depending upon whom one chooses to believe; remember, I'm housed with bona fide crazy people here. I lost what I was typing. I'll recreate it on my next post, on which I will beworking in just a few minutes.