Saturday, May 15, 2010

SAT Results

My dad was supposed to be in New York until Friday for something work-related, but he came home today because my mom is sick. My mom was released today because he's home. Otherwise she would have stayed in the hospital for at least two more days. She has a really large urinary calculus obstructing her right ureter. A procedure known as a stent implantation was done. She's in pain, but she's being medicated enough than she can stand the pain. She can't otherwise function well. She's getting lots of IV fluids to move the calculus.

I'm staying at my aunt's and uncle's house so that my dad can focus on taking care of my mom. I don't mind; because of a pretty bad kidney infection and because the shoulder attached to my uninjured arm is majorly strained from overuse and falling, I'm totally confined to bed except to use the bathroom and to have one shower daily. My bed at my uncle's house is really comfortable, and there's a nice mid-sized plasma screen TV in my room (my uncle's office that he hardly ever uses except to store things) that has a DVR in case I need to sleep when Judge Alex or a similarly important program is on. I'm allowed to use my laptop for 90 minutes daily. My aunt cooks lunch so my friends from school will come to visit me at lunchtime. My very best friends come after school as well. My dad visits me every day. My mom has tried calling, but she's so out of it that I told my dad not to have her call out of obligation. If she's too sick to call, it's OK. My brother is back at home. Other than when he's at school or baseball, or if he's doing homework that he can prove is really homework, he is my parents' slave, which is as it should be right now.

SAT results arrived in the mail some time ago, but for some reason, they were just found. My overall score was 2240. This is good but not stellar. The breakdown was 730 for math, 710 for critical reading, and 800 for writing. I was disappointed in the critical reading score, but it still may be good enough that I don't have to take the test over again. Once my mother is coherent, she will confer with university acquaintances to get their opinions as to the wisdom of re-taking. I still need to take subject tests. My father's concern is that I may not score my very best if I'm still in a cast, as it will be uncomfortable to sit for the length of the test. Waiting until fall will be cutting it close and not leaving an option for retaking if scores are not good, but I may have no choice.

My brother did not do quite as well. I've violated his privacy sufficiently just by giving that information. I won't reveal more specific data. In school classes, I take great pains to outscore him. I wanted to do better than he on this set of exams as well, although I'm trying not to rejoice excessively for having done so. Because he hasn't been very kind to me, it's hard not to pull out all the stops and celebrate, but I'm trying hard to be a bigger person.

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