Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I'm sad. I tried to be cheerful when my friends visited, but most have them have stopped visiting. When you are sick or hurt people try to include you and be nice to you at first but if it goes on too long they stop. I mostly just stay in bed and do nothing all day and night. I use my laptop if it is within reach or I can find it, but sometimes it isn't or I can't. No one helps me with anything anymore. I do everything the best I can and I fall a lot. If I can't get back in bed I pull my blankets on the floor and stay there.

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  1. Alexis,
    It's normal to be a little down when you're recovering from an accident, but I'm not sure what you're experiencing is within the normal range. I'll talk to your parents since you don't seem to be able to.
    Hang in there! Things have to get better.
    Mrs. A.