Monday, May 3, 2010

Brother Is Getting Learner's Permit

My dad adjusted his work schedule to take me to my doctor's appointment this morning. On the way back, he mentioned that he and my mom had decided a few weeks ago (before my hurdling accident) that my brother and I would be allowed to get our learner's permits this month. He thinks I won't even be allowed to take the written exam now without a statement from a doctor that I'm physically capable of safely operating a vehicle. So he wanted to know what should be done about my brother.

This is a tough one for me. Part of me really resents that this accident is causing me to get my permit, and thus eventually my license, even later than I otherwise would have gotten it. It now bothers me that my brother can go ahead with the process while I can only hope that maybe by this summer I will be ready. My dad offered to wait a little longer before saying anything to my brother. I was tempted, but I told my dad to let my brother go ahead.

I think my dad would have been really disappointed anyway if I had told him to make my brother wait. He might not have followed my wishes, so I might as well appear to be a good sport even if I'm not, although it really wouldn't make me feel any better to deny my brother the privilege any longer than it's already been denied. It's mainly maddening to me because that is just one more milestone this accident has screwed up for me. (The list is: #1 Diving (I probably would have been MVP); #2 track; #3 Prom #4 Driving.) The list will probably get longer before things get any better.

Even though the right thing was to tell my dad to let my brother get his permit, does anyone else think my parents' timing sucks?

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  1. I agree. Your parents' timing sucks.