Friday, February 16, 2018

A Vacation to Make All Other Vacations Envious (except that I'm doing almost nothing; some people get bored doing nothing)

The sport of curling, win or lose, male or female, whatever the conditions or circumstances, seems less intriguing than watching ants while they're slogging their way through that Terro substance that they supposedly take back to their headquarters and share with their fellow ants until it kills all of them. I've seen no evidence that it works unless a person uses the heavy-grade version that you can't buy at Home Depot but have to get from your pest control company.

I'm having an awe-inspiring break from the usual grind of medical school.  An esteemed concert pianist had to cancel a concert and a series of master classes all geographically accessible each night to a particular hotel. They guy was a bit of a prima donna if his demands for lodging are any indication. He canceled too late for the hotel to find anyone else to rent it for anywhere near what the pianist was going to pay. I'm paying roughly a quarter of what he would have been charged (the hotel will presumably bill him for the difference between what he would have paid and what I'm paying), which is still an entirely ridiculous amount of money for me to be paying for a hotel suite, but I have only one life, and it may as well be an enjoyable life. Money isn't something any of us can take with us when we make our final departures. While I plan to live to a reasonably old age, I don't plan to leave an excessive sum of money sitting in banks or various other investment funds. I do not wish merely to live, but to live!!!, and doing so is going to cost me a few dollars on occasion.

The hotel suite has, of all things, a Steinway baby grand which, due to the thickness of the walls and the placement of the piano within the suite, may be played at any hour of the day or night without complaints from neighbors or management.  I woke up a couple of hours ago with a mild attack of insomnia, and chose to deal with it by playing the piano. I've seldom if ever had the luxury of playing the piano at 4:00 a.m. without having a Nerf football thrown at my head as a result.

A few friends are flying in for the weekend. I had originally said that no one could sleep in my hotel suite if they visited, but I'm waffling and allowing six friends to scramble for couches, recliners, or the one extra bed in the suite. My stay is here going to be longer than originally planned, so solitude during this break is of less importance than i originally thought it would be. besides, part of the fun of this vacation is having my peers be envious of me.

I even have a bodyguard who comes as part of the package, I'll need to tip him, but otherwise he is included in the flat rate I'm paying for almost everything.  I have no real use for him for the most part during the daytime. I have him hang around at night just because there are predators in the world, some of whom seek young and single women whom they consider to be vulnerable. Once the guy leaves, there is still reasonably tight security at the hotel itself, so it's not like I'm fair game for every sick puppy who might desire to make a leather coat from my hide.

I chose the study of medicine because I find it interesting, so even when I'm on break, I can't leave my field of study alone entirely. Yesterday, with an invitation, I went to  a hospital affiliated with a medical school near the hotel at which I'm staying. I scrubbed in for one pediatric abdominal surgery, talked to a few other specialists, then left. That's the nice thing about this being a vacation. There's no such thing as a shift. I can come and go as I please at any nearby hospital that will have me on its premises.

Breakfast will arrive soon. I'm having pancakes and fruit. I would probably gain weight on this trip were it not for one small issue: I cannot gain weight. My mom has issues with that as well, so it's presumably genetic. If she eats an amount that is roughly equal to what the average  sumo wrestler probably consumes, she can look good.  If I didn't wish to get myself killed, I could show you all a picture that proves my mom can beef up enough to be sexy.  I'm probably years away from that, though, plus I have a colon condition that makes it impossible for me to retain food long enough to absorb enough nutrients to look the way my mom looked in the particular picture in question. It's getting better, though, in the sense that fewer people accuse me of having an eating disorder. I'm less skinny and am starting to look my age, I consider it a very good thing.

I have no solid plans for today. After breakfast, I'll probably go back to sleep. when or if i wake up, I'll call and ask for a snowmobile to ride. I will need my bodyguard for that activity if no students are on break with whom I can tag along. Snowmobiling anywhere  interesting isn't particularly safe as a solo activity.

I watched a bit of the Olympic sport curling on TV. I don't get anything about it, as in exactly how it works or exactly why anyone would choose to do it. To me, as either a participation sport or a spectator sport, it seems roughly as compelling as is playing marbles. I haven't seen many televised marble competitions lately. they're probably around, though. Chances are that I'm simply not looking at the right channels. 


  1. I find it somewhat worrisome that a bodyguard is needed wherever it is that you are. I used to have to use snowmobiles for work (winter resort stuff) and know that I must have bad snowmobile karma. I learned never to venture farther than I can walk back. Living near the Canadian border I am familiar with curling. We even have a local club in this town of 1100. It is like shuffleboard on ice, but the rocks are kind of heavy. Why isn't bowling an Olympic sport, too? There is an island off the coast of Scotland where the appropriate granite is available. Apparently it is the only place in the world that is.

  2. I would like to go to that island in Scotland. I may venture to Scotland and Ireland between graduation and residency since moving will presumably be an easier experience for me than for most, and I can afford to travel rather than to spend most of the time off relocating and settling in.

    I don't need a bodyguard. The prima donna concert pianist I replaced in this hotel suite thought he did to keep the hordes of fans away. What a laugh. There's a small bedroom off the entrance. I just let the guy make himself comfortable there at night since his services are part of the package deal, and I used him to go snowmobiling today because I had no other companion. I'm giving him the long weekend off because six people will be in my hotel with me. I won't get creeped out after every little noise. I'm getting more comfortable and considering giving the guy a paid vacation with the rest of his time.

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