Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I Would KILL For an In 'N Out Burger

I see this logo in my dreams.

For political reasons (not those related to Trump and his cronies, but of workplace and school politics), I cannot divulge a great deal of my present circumstances. Siffucie it to say that I was on duty for far longer than was either prudent or legal. The saving grace to the situation is that I am not yet in a position to issue orders. No one was likely to die or to suffer irreprarable harm (other than I) as a result of my incoherence incident to fatigue. Still, the policies governing our hours exist for a reason. I face no workplace jeopardy because I insisted that my workplace supervisor sign off on my hours.

I'm now on extended rest because of a nasty case of walking pneumonia. I'll survive this just as I've survived everything else. I'm presently being babysat by a nurse. She's not one of the 26-year-old nubile nurses my brother so strongly  prefers, but I'm sure she's competent. My only complaint is that she won't send for In 'N Out Burger for me. (I like my In 'N Out Burgers plain with just the bun and meat -- no sauce, no anything. I don't like their fries. They should be better than the fries from other fast food places because they use real potaties to make their fries, but for some reason they're not all that tasty to me.) Nurse Ratchet insists that I eat what she calls "real" food. The last time I checked, In 'N Out Burger contained calories, carbs, fats , and even a few grams of protein (for that matter, people have been known to grow fat on a steady diet of In 'N Out) but she apparently studied nutrition under a different professor than I did.

This, too, shall pass.


  1. So glad to hear you are better. I firmly believe that your body tells you what to eat when you are sick - so you obviously need some red meat. Completely agree on the fries - why are they so limp and soggy?

    In advance of a poorly planned surgery I gave blood to store in case I needed it. Came home and went to bed exhausted. In the middle of the night I HAD to have a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar. I got one (the big kind) and ate it and felt much better. I'm sure there was a medical reason for that. Low blood sugar, iron in the raisins? laperla

    1. Pregnancy cravings may stem from a different source, but it's essentially the same idea. My mom was pregnant twice. The first time she lost twins at 23 weeks. The second time she had healthy twins. During her first pregnancy she craved Pringles potato chips at 2:30 a.m. My dad had to find a mini-mart open at that hour that stocked Pringles. During her pregnancy with my brother and me, at about 1:45 a.m. she got an insatiable craving for that sherbet punch stuff that some people serve at weddings. My dad had to go out and find sherbet and 7-up at that hour and improvise the punch. The very second that nurse is out the door, SOMEONE will get an In 'N Out burger for me.

  2. I have never had an In and Out burger. Someday, I will get out west.

    1. i guess it is a west coast chain. The corporation was avoiding Utah, but some local businesspeople started an obvious imitation, so In 'N Out Burger colonized Utah to thwart the copycats.

      In 'N Out burgers aren't for everyone. They're thin, which some people don't like, but you can get double patties (maybe even triple; I don't know). The fries are fairly tasteless. The buns are toasted and everything tastes fresh, and I like the root beer.


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