Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fuckface Von Clownstick i.e. The Great White Dope aka Sir Sissypants alias Cheeto Benito

I'm watching over a patient until someone else arrives. If something goes wrong, I can't do much for the poor child . . . that is,  unless something goes really, really wrong. I can, God forbid, defibrillate, intubate, or otherwise perform life-saving measures. It shouldn't get to that point, however. Let us hope not, anyway.

I've been watching news programs with one eye and listening to them with one ear as I stay with the child. Inside sources  quote Trump as having said to his chief of security, "I hate everyone in the White House."  The circumstances surrounding Trump having been called "a fucking moron" by his secretary of state have been clarified, making the original assertions of Tillerson having referred to Trump as such seem all the more credible.  Discussion of the U.S. Constitution's Twenty-Fifth Amendment is reaching the forefront (and, as much as I fear a Pence presidency, invocation of the twenty-fifth amendment is sounding like a good thing.) The president reportedly asked, when Bannon mentioned the Twenty-Fifth Amendment "What's the twenty-fifth Amendment?" Trump reportedly asked. Republican legislators have speculated [only partially in jest] concerning Kelly and other Cabinet members  restraining Trump in the event that he lunges for the nuclear football in a fit of rage.

What are the possible outcomes? These immediate crises could blow over, and as likely as not, will, though the next set of crises could be every bit as serious if not more so. The cabinet could decide Trump isn't fit to hold office and could invoke the Twenty-Fifth Amendment in removing him from office. Trump could quit in a fit of anger. Trump could have a stroke or heart attack in a fit of anger. Congress could impeach Trump, and he could quit before he is tried in the impeachment proceedings. Or Trump could be tried and removed from office by the senate in impeachment proceedings (I have no idea what the charges against Trump might be, and this option wouldn't be a quick solution.) 

Things are not looking great for us here in the U.S. A residency in Canada is looking like a better option with each passing day, not that North Korea wouldn't accidentally hit Canada with one of their nukes after Trump nukes them first and if they had the distance but not the accuracy to get their nuke here.


  1. This has been the most horrific (by far) presidency I have experienced. I was born when Truman, the only guy to order a nuclear attack so far, was president. Trump is the most bizarre, clueless, narcissistic, sociopath I have ever seen come to any kind of power in this country. I am constantly appalled at his stupidity (calculating) and misanthropy and cannot wait for his demise, whatever form that takes.

    1. Clinton was my first president, but I would obviously agree with your sentiments regarding Trump. I'm all done with fearing Pence's ultra-conservative politics. At least there's no hard evidence (other than his association with Trump) that he's not sound of mind.

  2. Jono, I'm with you. This presidency is absolutely appalling.