Friday, August 18, 2017

When the Moon Is In the Seventh House

I'm growing rather tired of this temporary cast. It's unbelievably bulky and itchy, Temporary casts are almost always very uncomfortable. It's most noticeable at night; when a person is trying to sleep, the affected part aches in places it wasn't even injured just because the temporary cast is so uncomfortable.  I was a little concerned because I counted my Vitamin V tablets and discovered that I'd taken more than I had planned to have taken by now. I still have several left, and the orthopedist says I haven't abused them and that he'll write me another prescription if I run out. While that is good to know, my aim in life is not to become a stoner.

Baths and showers are a major production with an above-the-knee cast. I ordered a plastic cast-cover, which arrived yesterday. The cover is both easier to use and more effective than is a kitchen trash liner used for the same purpose, but it still doesn't allow for full immersion. I am capable of getting myself into and out of the tub, but showers are simpler with a high cast. I knew this before because it's not my first fracture requiring a full-length cast, but one would be surprised at how many of life's daily activities are made significantly more complicated with the inability to bend one of one's knees.

My job is obviously tougher with a cast and crutches. Some procedures are not safe for me to perform while standing. Sitting on a high stool isn't all that easy or comfortable with a full-length cast. i will spend a bigger portion of my time in this clerkship just observing than I have in previous rotations.  Many of my cohort mates have done just that for most of their clerkship experience, though. I've been fortunate to have been supervised by attending physicians and residents who have trusted me enough to have allowed me to have more hands-on experiences. As my knee recovers and I can spend more time standing, even with crutches, I hope to get to participate at least a bit more in patient care in the pediatric portion of my gastroenterology rotation.

It's now time for a psychedelic experience. I've tolerated enough pain for the night. I am taking a Vitamin V  and will soon be tripping. I will see without the use of my eyes, will hear without ears, and so forth. I will be one with all things living and non-living, and my consciousness will swirl through the entire universe. Unfortunately, I'm lying.. it's just Vicodin, not LSD, but I can imagine.

Jupiter is supposedly aligning with Mars here.


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    1. I've embellished its virtues, at least as far as I'm concerned. Its benefit is really pain relief. I think you have to exceed the recommended dosage to gt any sort of euphoric benefits.