Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trump Is Brain Dead! Oxygen Deprivation!!!!!!!!!!

My leg is giving me a great deal of pain tonight. I had reviewed everything I can possibly review that is work- or study-related, so I resorted to wasting time at various sites including Twitter. I read Donald Trump's tweets. He had a few new ones up. I didn't check the time stamp for precisely when they were posted, but they were his most recent.

One of Trump's tweets I don't recall. Another was an inane reference to Glenn Beck's tin foil hat being too tight. I'm not a Glenn Beck fan by any stretch, though I don't think Trump is better than Beck in any way. 

The third of the tweets stated that if [the proverbial] "you" want clean air or water, get out of America. (I'm not certain if it actually read "leave America" or "Get out of America.") The tweet has been removed, so I cannot verify it. Only thirty responses had been posted prior to mine. I left three responses. Then I went back to see if Mr. Trump left any new tweets, only to find that he had deleted his three most recent tweets. He made a reference to "breathers." We who desire to have clean air or water are now known as  "breathers."  Perhaps therein lies the root of the conflict. Maybe he's not breathing, is not getting any oxygen to his brain, and is, thus, brain dead. it makes as much sense as anything else.

I didn't get a screen shot. It didn't occur to me that he would take his tweets down. I'm sure it occurred to someone else, and I hope someone got a screen shot of his tweets.

One of three things is happening. Trump may be fucking insane in a literal and clinical sense or perhaps criminally senile, as in sufficiently senile for it to cause him to act in an unlawful manner. If he is not indeed insane, it may be that he will in some way benefit financially if our entire nation goes to Hell. I have no idea how destroying our nation might possibly cause great financial growth to happen to one or more of his holdings, but I am not ruling out that such is the case. If neither of these things is true, Trump is playing games with all of us and is entertaining himself at our expense. Perhaps he thinks this is all one big joke, and he's having a great time making maniacal speeches, posting insane tweets, and playing "Survivor: White House" with the staff of the executive branch for the sheer purpose of his own entertainment. I'm having a hard time convincing myself that he could be toying with us. I've never in my life played so many games, and until less than five years ago, I was officially a juvenile. The man is seventy-one years old. Unless he is senile, he would have no excuse for behaving in this manner. And if he is senile, we need to get his sorry ass out of office and into a secure facility for those who are both senile and criminally insane.

One of the three possibilities I have listed is true. I do not know which one.  The craziness is not at the hands of some supposed fake news entity. No one but Donald Trump and perhaps those closest to him could be responsible for this. Regardless, he cannot be entrusted with codes to access our nuclear weapons. He's either a nutcase, a sociopath, a megalomaniac, or perhaps all three. We must remove him from office. He cannot be left in place to cause any more damage than he has already done.

I've been concerned about his actions for quite some time, but seeing his absurd tweets go up and them come down almost as quickly as they went up has firmly convinced me that something is not right with this man. Does he do this every night, as in post tweets while most of the nation sleeps, then wait for public reaction to determine whether or not they are too preposterous to be left for most of the nation to see them? Is he so far removed from reality that he doesn't know if a tweet is irrational until those who respond tell him such? Either way, he's either too stupid, too crazy, too opportunistic, or too sociopathic to hold any office, much less our nation's highest office. The only thing that would comfort me in any way is if someone were to offer credible evidence that he had been hacked, and I don't think that is going to happen.

A close friend one -- one who admittedly voted for Trump -- acknowledged to me a couple of weeks ago in response to concerns I had raised  at that time about something else Trump had done, "He's an asshole, "  as though that was the worst that could be said of him. Yes, he certainly IS an asshole, but that is far from the worst that can be said about him. For some reason, he is willing to stand idly by, eating popcorn, as he watches our nation deteriorate. It's deteriorated far enough. GET HIM OUT OF THERE!

Someone in congress, PLEASE accelerate impeachment proceedings. if the ball is firmly rolling in the direction of impeachment, Trump will quit. I very strongly oppose the political stance of the vice-president, but he HAS to be more fit for office than is Trump. GET HIM OUT NOW!


  1. Has it occurred to you that if they do decide to impeach Trump, he might go off the deep end and push the button out of spite? He's just crazy enough to do it, I think. :(

  2. It hadn't occurred to me, but perhaps he might. i wish there were some intermediate steps they could take to deprive him of access codes before he knew he was being deprived of them.