Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nightmares of the Benign Kind

I was awakened just awhile ago by a not terribly pleasant dream. In this dream, my senior violin recital was happening. I was playing one of my Bach pieces with great difficulty, because in my dream, my accompanist was playing so fast that I couldn't have kept up with him even hd I taken a handful of methamphetamines.

This was a very silly dream, as no competent accompanist would play the works faster than the sooist can play them. For that matter, I could probably play at any speed that an accompanist could play. It's just one of those things where the mind comes up with things -- even ludicrous things -- that could potentially go wrong and  about which to worry. It doesn't even have to be realistic. Even if Scott could play the music faster than I could play it, he wouldn't do so.

This dream was a pain. I would much rather be sleeping right now than dissecting and re-assebling the meaning behind a silly nightmare. On the other hand, it's a whole lot better than dreaming about someone holding me down in a public bathroom while someone else attempts to sexually assault me. My nightmares have more typically been of that nature.

My mom told me that nightmares before an important event such as a senior recital, while unpleasant and not conducive to quality sleep, are very normal and are typical for most people before an important life event. While I wouldn't exactly complain if I were even one step closer to normal and slept right through the night with no extra-curricular nighttime mental activity whatsoever, neither is a "normal" dream something about which to complain. Given a choice between an accompanist on speed and a rapist for dream subject material, I'll take the accompanist on speed every time.

# Scott, stay away from roofies,  bumblebees, cartwheels, and all other stimulants including caffeine until my recital is over.

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  1. This will be behind you before you know it. In the meantime, check out my latest Dungeon Of The Past post. ;-)