Monday, May 13, 2013


Robert Kirby, who should be a role model for Morbots (most of whom are probably related to me) who come to this site to whine about anything I say in jest about their religion

For Mormons so thoroughly lacking in a sense of humor when it comes to the most benign or banal aspect of their church that they must rant at any mention I make of it if I don't figuratively drool about the Church's one-true-church-ness ,  read some of the writings of Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby. Yes, he does work for the publication that used to be considered the opposition, as the Deseret News was owned, operated, ad very much controlled by the LDS church, while the trib had no church ties.

Since that time, the Tribune has been purchased by a church-held corporation.  It has exercised some editorial control. kirby is still typing away, and it appears still to be esswntially from the heart, although I don't see the original copy of each column before the editors have had their chance to hack away at it. he may be even more of a radical than I think, and he may be more censored than I'd like to believe.

Regardless, read as far back as you are able without paying subscription fees (or pay the fees if you have money to throw around and you're so inclined). Kirby is one of yourown. Listen to the opinion of a temple-recommend-holding Mormon who can laugh about things.


Note to my readers: I promise to move on. This is not going to become a one-issue blog, with the issue being my discordance with a church to which I've never formally belonged.

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