Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did You Just Make Up Those Numbers?

I haven't yet come down from a post-election high. I wish I had been Megyn Kelly for Halloween instead of having reprised my Trailer Trash Barbie costume, although, as an American who is of one-half Irish descent, I find the spelling of her first name (Megyn Kelly's, not Trailer Trash Barbie's) positively reprehensible.  Some would say the blame for the spelling of her name belongs to her parents and not to her, but I call poppycock on that. TV and radio personalities change their names, the spellings of their names, their birthdates, their noses, and probably even their social security numbers quite routinely.  For that matter, Ms. Kelly probably changed the spelling of her name in the first place from the more standard and authentic Megan (even Meghan would have been bearable) to Megyn.  Megyn makes me think of ob-gyn, which is something I would just as soon not think about. *

Even though it's getting a little late in the day to make such changes, I'm considering changing my undergraduate major. Does one need to be a Republican to major in "math you do to make yourself feel better as a Republican"?

* For that matter, who knows if she even started out with the name Megan, spelling notwithstanding?


  1. I'm amazed by all the complaining and bitterness about the outcome of this election. Wingnuts are really coming out of the woodwork!

  2. I, too, am amazed by that very thing. It's like the eight years under G. W. Bush, in addition to the continuous Fox New spiel, gave ultra-conservatives some sort of a sense of entitlement in terms of having someone of their political leanings in power, and they cannot accept that others with opposing views have an equal right to cast ballots.

    I'm also amazed at Romney's latest rantings. After giving what I thought was a classy concession speech, he's whining about Obama's "gift" policies unfairly skewing the vote against him. I suspect that having grown up wealthy, privileged, and in a religious faith in which his pedigree was esteemed has left him rather ill-equipped to deal with the wins and losses of life that others of us face on a regular basis. I'll concede (rather obviously) that his loss was a bigger loss than I've ever faced, but then, something gave him the view that he was "entitled" to the presidency. The polls were saying one thing, he was saying another, and yet he was so blindsided when the non-Romney-commissioned polls ended up being right correct all. He is an interesting study in both self-entitlement and self-delusion.