Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day Off from Rehearsals

I've had a rehearsal ever night this week. Because we're still many weeks away from performance, we're not yet working weekends. The experience is interesting. No one quite my age is in the cast. The director rounded up a few children because a village looks silly without any children. My romantic counterpart is a young-looking freshman. he still looks quite a bit older than i do, but that's probably OK, because he was probably intended to be older than Chava.

Personalities are fun to observe. The girl playing Hodel -- daughter number two, whose role would share with Golde's as the major female lead -- is a diva without, in my opinion, the vocal or dancing talent or acting chops to back up a diva personality. That's just my opinion, though. maybe the director sees smething entirely different. I stay out of her way and try not to overpower her too much whe we sing "Matchmaker." I would have cast the girl the director cast as "Tzeidel," the oldest daughter, in Hodel's role. then again, I've never acted, much less directed, so what do I know.

The director chose  "real" students as Tevye and Golde, the parents. One's twenty-three and one's twenty-two, but they look a little older even without age-enhancing makeup, so I think it will be credible. They're also legitimately good. I don't think it will be distracting that, other than the little kids that were culled from the community, we're all within about a seven-year age span.  We've finally had enough rehearsals that the rest of the cast now knows I'm a students and not one of the little kid extras. The director uses two different nicknames for me, both of which come from the song Tevye sings when Chava goes of tomarry the Rusion soldier: "little bird" and "everybody's favorite child." I'm not terrible fond of either, but I suppose it's better than being called a skunk or an opossum.

I'll do some studying this weekend, but I'm finally ready to admit that I've done the work and read the material, and all that is left for me to do is light test review and  last-minute assignments the professors hand out. Before rehearsals, I am doing a little running and hurdling on the advice of my doctor. He thinks if I eat just a bit more and do the exercise, I'll put on a little weight. i'd love to dive, but the timing isn't right for now. Maybe this summer I can work it in.  i'm still considering one sport or the other for next year.


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  1. Divas are tough to take even with the talent to back up the title, much less without.