Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Dad May Be Regaining His Sanity

Dad put the cord back into my TV and brought all my things back to me. He admits he overreacted but says he was really freaked out by the foul nature of some of the tweets. He said he deleted them because they were so disgusting and if I didn't post them, which he now correctly presumes that I didn't, I probably could never comprehend just how disgusting they were. It was apparently way beyond a few F-bombs. He said he's even bothered that my brother or any of my cousins could have come up with anything so creepy. He said he probably would have whacked me except that a) he was too angry and b) it didn't seem appropriate to whack someone who was sexualized enough to write such words. I'm glad I didn't get whacked even if the reasons didn't apply.

He said I shouldn't blame my mom for anything she said. She didn't say all that much really. He said she has new health concerns. She's been healthy at least by her standards, as in no diseases threatening her life or vision for about eight years. She's got some sort of ovarian issues. Her mom died of ovarian cancer when she was fourteen. Dad said that there's no reason to assume it's cancer but if they can't get a clean biopsy they'll do exploratory surgery because doctors shouldn't take any chances with ovaries of a person whose mother died at 52 of ovarian cancer.

I'm sorry for my mom. I don't want her to be sick again. She was sick a lot when I was little. She has very low energy now but that's basically normal for her. She's not happy with her job and my dad wants her to quit. He says we don't actually need her income and that she has enough qualifications that she could probably find a job she likes better anyway.
I happen to know because it's a matter of public record that she makes just over $112,000. Since when don't we need over a hundred thousand dollars? I guess my dad must earn more money than I thought.

My dad felt really guilty when he got home from golfing because my mom left to go out for lunch with a friend and I was home all by myself. I'm not comfortable in our house by myself since the stuff happened at the beginning of the school year, so I was hiding in my cloest when he got home. I think he thinks I'm a real nutcase but he doesn't say that. I'm really not THAT crazy. I'm just nervous in this house especially, but I think I'd be nervous anywhere in this city or area. I think it will be better when I go away for college.

It's weird because I really love my new room even though our house scares me. I wish I could have my room in some other place. If my parents or at least my dad are home I can sort of pretend I'm somewhere else but if I'm there by myself I get afraid the people will come back.

Daddy says it's OK for me to still be mad at him if I want to be. He said if I can not be mad at mom it would be good. He says if my brother did any of the tweeting he will be in huge trouble even if my mom doesn't think he should be.

I'm better now. I'm not hungry. Mom and Dad were a little pushy about food at dinner but they didn't absolutely force me to eat, which was good because food would have made me sick. I didn't really sleep last night so maybe I'll sleep tonight. At least I'll be able to watch tV in bed if I can't sleep tonight.


  1. Oh. So there WAS something else that made your dad freak out?

    Hell. This isn't good. I'll pray for your mom, and send her good vibes. (Ageing hippy that I am!)

  2. Hi Matt1

    I would greatly appreciate any prayers and/or good vibes you can send in my mom's direction.
    She's having a biopsy on Thursday and then wil go from there depending upon the clarity of the tissue sample and the results.

    As many times as he irritates the he!! out of me, I think my dad is actually a good person who means well, but he is sometimes overwhelmed by circumstances.


  3. Prayers have been said a couple of times, Alexis.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. Thanks, Matt. And the positive vibes are great as well just to cover all the bases.