Sunday, December 12, 2010

another pet peeve

I believe I blogged quite some time ago about my list of pet peeves. I can't exactly remember what was on that list and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm fairly certain whatever was on the list remains on my list. I have an additional pet peeve I'll share at this time. It was on my list all along, but I was not yet ready to go public with it. My friends have always known, though.

Since I began blogging, I've gone public with almost every other aspect of my life. There's probably no longer any reason to hold back on this one bit of secret information, either, except that revealing it would conceivably feed my father's and brother's already well-nourished egos. On the other hand, if this doesn't accomplish the task, something else will, so here it comes (drum roll) /././././././././././././././././

I absolutely detest it it when my friends say that my father or my brother is hot. Where my brother is concerned, I care mostly because it's totally clear just how hot he thinks he is, and if he were to learn that my friends agree with him, he would become even less bearable than he already is. Where my father is concerned all I can say is . . . yuck. The words father and hot should not appear in the same sentence. Ever. Period.

I have a sign in my room. I keep it well hidden so that my dad or brother won't see it, and I take it down once the door has been closed whenever any friend except caitlin is inside. Posting the sign for Caitlin's benefit is unnecessary; her feelings and mine are one and the same concerning my father and brother. The sign says: "Cardinal Rule: Do not mention the appearance of Alexis' father or brother in this room unless you have something negative to say." My friends know better than to break this rule. One night when I was 13, two friends were sleeping over. One of them broke this rule. I brought the phone to her and made her call her parents to pick her up at 3:13 a.m. My former friend's mother was not pleased, and called the next morning to complain, but my other friend Caitlin, who has always had a very mature voice, took the phone and successfully impersonated my mother, averting disaster. Since then, no friend has ever dared break my cardinal rule. (The knowledge that Caitlin could pass for my mom on the phone was a great discovery, incidentally, and has come in handy on more than one occasion.)

Does anyone out there have a pet peeve they've been afraid to share up to this point? If so, now is the time to share it! You are among friends here.


  1. Funny that you should bring this up, Cousin Alexis. My pet peeve is little twirps who continually stir up trouble. If the shoe fits, and it DOES, it is all yours, dear sweet cousin.

  2. I made a mistake at work once. A young colleague asked me what I thought of her mother. I *opined that I thought she was "sexy."

    I thought said young colleague was going to throw up, such was the shudder that went through her body and the retching sound she made.

    I pointed out that, from my perspective and age, (a year older than her mum!) her mother was a young, attractive woman. That didn't work, either.

    Oh, well!

    *I use the term opined because I think it is a cute word, and needs to get out more!

  3. And as a point of information, oh nameless one, if you are going to use British slang terms the word you were looking for was twerps, rather than twirps.

  4. Matt,
    I LOVE it when you take on my relatives!!!!

    Regarding parents and hotness . . . in the case of you and your co-worker, you at least had the excuse that her mother ws in your age bracket. My friends do not have that excuse upon which to fall back when they discuss my father. It's just SICK; there's really no other way to view it. My father cannot be hot AND be my father. Period. Furthermore, to be honest. he's not doing such a marvelous job of being my father at the moment.
    P. s. BTW, the director of the ward wants to see me at 2:00 today. I'm a bit nervous because I may be in some trouble, but what a perfect set-up for exposing the misdeeds of femal rottweiler from Hell.

  5. Our parents are never, ever hot. That's a given, a Universal Law.

    However, that law only applies in our universe, so when our parents get into the universe of someone else, even a friend, they could be considered fair game in the "hotness" stakes, as it were.

    Best not to even think about it. ;o))

    As for your relatives? Ah, well... we can choose our friends, but not our relatives.

  6. Matt,
    I posted something about my father's side of the faamily at RFM. I shared about how my dad's parents, siblings, et al only give homemade gifts and that sort of garbage but give
    "for real" goft on april 6. I asked whether this is common among Mormons ar if my relatives are just psycho. Someone there responded that my relatives are psycho. I always knew that, but it's nice to have an objective confirmation of what I always knew.

    My dad, BTW, thinks they're psycho even more than I think it. I suppose I'm lucky he's as normal as he is, emerging from such a slew of oddballs.

  7. Yes. I remember that thread!

    The problem is that, no matter how freaky someone is, if they are in a cult like Mormonism then their freakiness is ramped up by am amazingly high factor.