Sunday, November 23, 2014

Nineteen Kids and Subtracting

There but for the grace of God  I could have gone.

   At "The Original Duggar Family Blog, a post appeared     
   under the heading "Support the Duggars." readers of the 
   blog were encouraged to post messages of support to the 
   Duggars and to their program, 19 Kids and Counting.     
   The following response appeared. 

I LOVE this show. I cant go a day with out watching it. I watch every show and then watch them again. I feel like ive known the family my entire life. I dont know what i would do if they canceled the show.

I didn't respond to the comment at the blog because the site is heavily moderated, and my  response would never have seen the light of day.

I would, respectfully or otherwise, respond here to the original responder that he or she would be well served by acquiring a life of his or her own so that his or her own mental and/or emotional well-being were not dependent upon the continuation or cancellation of 19 Kids and Counting.


  1. Well, it's not that important since it's your blog. But in case you want a refresher, here's what you do. When you're editing your blog, look at your toolbar at the top of the page. Six buttons from the right, there's a button that has a blue underlined capital T with a red x next to it. That button removes formatting. Highlight the text you want to remove formatting from and click the button. Your text will look like the rest of your text on your page. Then you are free to fix the spacing and make it look however you want.

    As for 19 Kids and Counting, I think they are a symptom of just how weird America is. I do watch the show. I had stopped for a long time, but the courtships drew me back in. I usually snark on it, though. I don't think the Duggars are role models.

  2. I knew it had somwething to do with the t, but I didn't highlight. That was the problem.