Thursday, November 28, 2013

To gift the dress or not to gift the dress: that is the question.

When I was going through the process of choosing dresses for my two senior recitals, I ordered several dresses. I have a greater need for black dresses than for dress clothing items of any other color due primarily to the number of  musician gigs I have, but I wasn't sure I wanted black for my recital dresses. I already have substantially more black dress ensembles than I have outfits of any other color. For that reason, I ordered several dresses in various non-black colors. The purple dress pictured here is one of them. I thought it was vaguely cute, though it ended up not being even close to what I wanted in a dress for either recital.

I took my dresses over to my psuedoaunt's house when I was deciding what to  keep, what to return, and what to wear to my recitals. I told pseudoaunt  to try on a few dresses that were a bit big for me. Her husband supplements his income with his photography hobby. He took pictures of both of us in various dresses. Most of the time I never see any of the pictures he takes. He has standing permission to sell any picture of me if he has the opportunity as long as he shares the money with me. I've collected a few hundred bucks from him over the past four years or so.

Anyway, somehow a picture of pseudoaunt in the purple dress ended up on my computer. I  remember a time in the  summer when he hadleft his computer at work and his desktop computer froze up, so he used my laptop to do a few things before he made it back to work to pick up his own laptop. (I really must ask pseudouncle to be mindful of what he puts on my computer. What if he takes pictures of his wife wearing less than what she's wearing in this photo? I'm not saying for an absolute certainty that they have kinky photo sessions or anything like that, but what if they do? I really wouldn't want to come across any peek-a-booboo pictures while I'm trying to mind my own business.)

Anyway, I saw a thumbnail image of a photo I didn't remember taking or uploading, so I clicked on it. the picture is of pseudoaunt wearing the purple dress. I think it looks  nice on her. Then last night when I was searching my closet for my Fresno State sweatshirt, I came across the purple dress. I've already sent back  the others I didn't plan to keep. I don't really feel like boxing the dress and making a trip to the FedEx place. It was paid for on my dad's credit card. Since several dresses were initially charged on his card, then several were returned, and none were tremendously expensive, my dad wouldn't have paid much attention to any of the charges. He'll never notice anything, and for that matter, I can offer to reimburse him for the dress. Money's not  the issue.

I don't usually give women clothing for Christmas. I haven't historically trusted myself to pick out clothing for others except for ties and shirts for my dad, because even I can do a better job than he does of picking out shirts and ties that match. He'd show up for work in a striped shirt with a polka dot tie if left to his on devices. If it's something silly like the cave man and cave woman pjs, which I gave to the pseudos as a joke (although they did wear them Halloween costumes last year) a couple Christmases ago,  I might buy the stuff , but I wouldn't typically purchase a for-real outfit that someone might wear in public.

So what do you think? Does the dress look like something it would be OK for her to wear? The dress is just hanging in my closet with the tags on it, and it's a little too big for me. It doesn't look ridiculous on me, but it fits her better.

Should I, or should I not give it to her for Christmas?

Note:  Pseudoaunt will be to be too busy to look at my blog for at least a week,and I'll probably hide the blog after that. If she does look at my blog before then, perhaps she'll come right out and say whether or not she wants the dress. I wouldn't normally spoil someone's Christmas present, but if she comes across my blog, it wouldn't be 100% my fault. (It would probably be 99% my fault, but not 100%.)

Feel free to weigh in with any input in the comments section.

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  1. It's a cute dress. If she likes it and it fits, you should give it to her.