Friday, November 8, 2013

Martin MacNeill & My Senior Recital : Two Unrelated Obsessions

I'm trying not to obsess on the topic, but for the record it's about 8.75 days until my senior piano recital.

Both the state and the defense have rested in Martin MacNeill's trial. I will be surprised if the jury does not vote to convict. My pseudoaunt opined that the overwhelmingly Mormon population comprise the jury, and Mormons have been conditioned to make decisions based on feeling over cold, hard evidence.

In many cases a defendant may walk or at least a jury may hang even when everyone on the jury feels the defendant is guilty because the jury will not vote to convict when sufficient evidence hasn't been presented. This is as it should be. In Utah, however, it's easier to get a conviction without overwhelming evidence when the consensus is guilt. Additionally, my pseudoaunt thinks that the men will dominate jury deliberations in this case, and that the males on the jury appeared to be favoring the prosecutions.

My pseudoaunt thinks MacNeill is guilty as sin, but she thinks that based on the evidence, she would vote to acquit. She thinks the medical examiners' listed causes of death are too damning to the prosecuation. I do not agree with her, but I admit that as a practicing attorney she has exponentially more legal knowledge than I have.

This blog is ended. go now in peace to love and serve the Lord and to render verdicts according to the judge's instructions if you're ever on a jury.

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