Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Final Stretch of Vacation

My first class,if my recollection is correct, will be on September 27. that gives me about sixteen days left to have a little fun. My vacation was cut short by an auto accident an a case of croup, but those are finally behind me. My parents have replace the car that was totaled in my auto mishap  (NOT MY FAULT!!!) They replaced it with a new car, which means I'm not driving it. I'm driving what my mother was formerly driving, which is an old-lady car. It is at least reliable, so I cannot complain. It's just irritating because I possess the funds to purchase a car of my own, but my parents still control my funds, so they won't let me spend the money to buy a new car.

Emancipation looms in the distance - December 2, to be exact -- at which point many of such decisions will be made by me and me alone. I'll continue to listen to what my parents have to say, but in the end I'll do what I want. If I end up broke at the end, I'll be in no worse a place than is the average person my age, and it's all money I earned.

Tomorrow I'm going to Venice Beach. It's always funny to watch the world's most eccentric people on their home turf.

Tuesday I'm visiting relatives a couple of hundred miles away. On Wednesday I'm wearing a middle school baton twirler  uniform and marching in a parade, masquerading as a middle school twirler. I don't actually know how to twirl a baton, but neither does the girl I'm replacing apparently. My main qualification for replacing this girl is that the uniform should fit. The band in question has to have someone wearing the uniform and filling in the slot or they're not eligible for something or other. I don't really know or care. It just sounded like a good laugh. I'll try not to get their band and/or auxiliary units disqualified. I can't really discuss compensation here, but suffice it to say that I would not make  total fool of myself in public without  just compensation.

Hasta la vista!

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