Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cat Trouble

My Uncle Jerry's formerly eighteen-pound cat has reduced himself to fourteen pounds. He's been rather lethargic as well. Uncle Jerry made an appointment for the cat to see his vet. The Uncle Jerry's four-year-old granddaughter developed an intestinal blockage and required emergency surgery. Uncle jerry was unavailable to take the cat for his appointment, so he hired me to transport the big cat to and from the vet's office.

Some tasks are not as simple as they sound. Uncle Jerry's cat, the Pompetus of Love (or however you spell it) did not wish to get inside the carrier even when I opened a can on salmon and set it at the back of the cage. Next, I picked up the Pompetus of Love and tried to put him in the cage. this proved to be a most unwise move. That big sucker turnd on me. Not only did he scratch, claw, and bite me when I was trying to get him inside his cage: even when I dropped him, he continued to attack me.

When Uncle Jerry's daughter-in-law came to the house briefly, I was trapped in the bathroom without even a cellphone to call for help. She was in a rush, but she put the Pompetus of Love in th laundry room. She tried to get me to come to the hospital with her so my Uncle Jerry or some other doctor  check out and treat my wounds, but I did not wish to be seen in pubic looking the way I looked, so I refused to go.

Nicole set hr husband, Gerard, who is an MD, to check my wounds. He said they weren't all that serious he but he put antiseptic on all of them, bandaged one of them, and carefully checked one near my eye. He gave me a tetanus shot and a shot of antibiotics. He brought the Pompetus of Love out of the laundry room and held him while I petted him so I could see it wasn't personal. He put Pompetus in his cage, and went with me to the veterinarian's office. Then he called his dad, my Uncle Jerry, and renegotiated my fee for taking Pompetus to the vet because he thought I deserved more pay in light of my war wounds.

My parents are out of town for the next two nights. I was supposed to spend the night at jared's family's house, but I didn't wish to be seen all scratched up. Gerard arranged for a family friend who is in the area because of little Leah, Uncle Jerry's ailing granddaughter, to stay at  my house for the next two nights. I can't stay with Scott and Jillian because I had croup recently and may still be shedding germs that would be harmful to Jillian. Timmy can't stay with me because he broke his leg and just got out of the hospital today. The family friend, who is Jillian's cousin Peter, is nice and fun and is an MD, which would only matter in the event that any of my wounds starts to look infected.

The Pompetus of Love isn't ordinarily a vicious animal. He just didn't want to get into the carrier because he knew he would end up at his doctor's office if he got in, and he was presumably smart enough to know that he had a decent chance of fighting me off if he was willing to go for the jugular. I don't hold it against him, but I'll never try to put him in his carrying case again no matter how much money I stand to gain for doing it.


  1. The Pompatus of Love, huh? Glad to hear there are no hard feelings.

    Though, I am intrigued by his name. Is the Pompatus of Love in reference to a Steve Miller Band song, or something more deep? I remember reading that the song "The Joker" was researched to be a lyrical compilation of old R&B hits. Does Uncle Jerry have a thing for either? I do have to say, that name certainly fits a cat.

  2. Uncle Jerry likes Steve Millee. He hasn't made it out of the 80's yet.

  3. Actually even though Uncle Jerry likes the Steve
    Miller Band, my Aunt Ilianna says my dad may have been responsible for the name. My Aunt Ilianna says he suggested it to my Uncle Jerry.