Monday, April 16, 2012

Slackers, Guinness, and Working While Under the Influence

In one of my classes today the professor became upset because it became apparent once he looked at the quiz papers that no one other than I had done the required reading. At least he didn't out me as having done the reading. All I need is a class full of people one to three years older than I who hate me merely because i did what I was supposed to do.

On an unrelated note, I wrote something that was not entirely true in a recent blog. I stated that I don't drink. I do on occasion plug my nose and down half a bottle of Guinness for relaxation.

I have a drudgery-filled week and weekend ahead of me. I can't relax until I read all course materials and complete major assignments. I've been burning midnight oil in order to get through everything, but I still have about a fourth of the work remaining.  Sometimes I think I should drink the Guinness and then write the papers.
The words would flow far more freely if I did just that.


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  1. "Guinness is Good For You" as the adverts used to say.

    In the UK it was available on prescription for building people up. Pregnant women for example. Then they decided it would be safer to offer them dangerous drugs, instead. Hmmm.