Sunday, April 22, 2012


All papers for my courses have been typed and printed. I always save them in the event that I want to make last-minuted edits, but I almost never make those edit. all charts and illustrations fro presentations have been completed and stored away. All textbooks and materials have been read throughly, and notes have been taken. In short, I will coast for the next six weeks. I am FINISHED.

Some people think it's harder to do things the way I do them. The people who think I'm killing myself unnecessarily are people who cram all the work I spend three weeks doing into a single week -- typically the last week in a semester or quarter. I could wait until the last part of a quarter and then do my work, but it would be weighing on my mind the entire time and I would never be truly relaxed. It makes sense to me to just get it out of the way. I'm later in completing my assignments this quarter than I usually am because I had play performances and a few other things I needed to focus on, but no all of that is out of the way, as is my work.

I have a 10:00 class tomorrow. I plan to not get up until about 9:20. I'll throw my clothes on and get a ride to campua in time for the class. I have three more classes after that one. when 4:00 rolls around, I'll have nothing that has to be done. I'll probably walk my dog, watch trashy TV programs, eat KFC to celebrate  the completion of my work, and fall asleep with the TV on. The next day will be similar. For the entire week I'll be similarly lazy. Then I'll go back to being the Type A personality that I am. I'll religiously transcribe lecture notes. still, I'll have no more classwork to do other than that and test preparation.

I suspect that I get the same sort of high from work completion that House gets from Vicodin, except that house is a fictional character and I'm real.


  1. Good for you!! I will spend tomorrow writing a paper on the family system, Hitler's war tactic, and Othello. Good times...

  2. That sounds great!

    I remember one semester (our college was unusual in that the course I was on was based on a two year US-style degree course, and was split into semesters, rather than terms) I worked all night to finish typing up an essay. And then realised I had an oral exam at 9.30am that morning.

    I passed both, but God knows how.

  3. Hey Alexis!! I've missed reading your blog posts, and it seems like forever since we've written. How are you? How is school? I hope you're ok and you're still healthy and in one piece... though I totally get how busy this time of year is with school-- I can imagine that college is 10x's busier than high school. I just hope that you're well. :)

    Sincerely your worried friend, Becca

  4. Hi Becca!

    I haven't been on this page forever. now that school is over for practical intents and purposes although I still have a week of class plus finals, i plan to blog again.

    I just returned (forty minutes before my curfew!) from Jared's prom in Utah. My poarents were kind enough to let me go since the pseudos were traveling to Utah and i could come along with them. At least the school let us go out to dinner on our own this year instead of forcing us to pay six times the going rate for McDonald's cheeseburgers this year. This girls were just as odd as last year, though none accused me of purchasing my dress at Victoria's Secret.

    How has your health been? Even with my frequent illnesses and accidents, my health is nowhere near as precarious as yours even at a bad time, but still I'm happy to say I haven't been sick or hurt since the big guy in "Fiddler on the roof" stepped on my foot, which is a modern-day record period of good health for me.

    I'll write more tomorrow. right now Pseudounc is quitely yelling at me to go to sleep.

    Your friedn,

  5. Hope you are doing well, Alexis! I haven't updated my blog in a while, either.

  6. Hi Matt!

    I'm indeed well. I'll be even better in just under two weeks when this quarter ends, although I can't complain too much now because I took a short break to go to my friend's prom in Utah.