Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home for One Last Visit

I arrived by plane with Pseudorelatives and my mom's best friend to an airport in the largest city near what is soon to be my former home. I didn't toss my cookies even once either at the airport or on the plane. I did take strong anti-nausea medication, but I've taken it everytime I've flown in the past nine month or so, and it hasn't stopped the emesis completely before. This is definite progress.

I have a camera with me so I can photograph pretty much every square foot of the house. It's not that I care all that much now, but I may have questions later, and the pictures may very well come in handy.

I blogged in one of my initial posts about how I once did gymnastics stunts on the roof of the house, which resulted in, among other thing, my being permanently banned from gymnastics. Just for the sake of memories, I want to have a picture of myself on the very top of the roof. My parents would never go along with this, nor would my PseudoUncle. I have to get them all out of the house in daylight hours. I don't yet have a plan. If I don't come up with a plan, I'll have to attempt it when they're all inside, which will be just a bit tricky. I weighed approximately forty-two pounds the last time I was up there, so my footsteps probably sounded as though a cat was walking on the roof. I now weigh roughly eighty-five -- not far from twice the weight I was back then -- and would not flatter myself by thinking anyone would mistake the sound of my footsteps on a roof at my present weight as being those of a cat.

I had forgotten just how perfect my bedroom is. My aunt is supposedly recreating the room in our next home, and the buyers of this home were told that the floor rugs, bedding, and accessories do not come with the house. I shouldn't worry, because if the room is half as cool as this one, it will be great.

If anyone has any great ideas for how to get three adults out of this house at the same time during daylight hours, please respond in the comments section.


  1. The point of going home was to say good bye, to the good things and the bad. Have you thought of maybe explaining that this was a good memory for you, in a house filled with so many bad ones, and you'd like to take a picture to remember it? Perhaps if someone goes with you, if they feel they can do something to keep you safe while achieving what they wanted you to do in the first place they will allow it?
    That's all I got. :) Sorry.

  2. Lexus,

    Uncle Scott read your blog. If you want to keep a secret from him, it might be best notto blog about it. you'lll have to talk him into it, which won't be easy, but it's your only way.

    Auntie J.

  3. My dear favorite niece,

    You are under no circustances to get onto the roof of this house or of any other house without permission of your parents or me. We'll assess the situation tomorrow and check out the roof to determine whether what you propose to do can be made remotely safe. If your plan is determined to be hazardous no matter what steps are taken to mae it less so, you will have to settle for a picture at a lower point on the roof, or perhaps even a photoshopped version, with which I promise to help you.

    Love (which can be tough at times),
    Uncle Scott

    P.S. If I leave the house for any reason during this trip, you WILL accompany me. I'm a light sleeper under normal circumstances, but for the next three nights, I will be sleeping with at least one ear open. Do not attempt this on your own. If you do, you will be caught if you're lucky; if you're unlucky, you'll be seriously injured. Neither outcome will be pleasant for you. I'm asking you just this once to act in a manner that is consistent with your mental age and not with your chronological age.

  4. I think you should all have a trip to the roof. One out, all out as they used to say!