Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Repugnant Donald Trump

the famous Trump pout

I am most un-fond of the political posts of others, yet I am exercising my first amendment right to post one of my own. In a way, though, the nature of the post isn't especially political.  My utter disgust for Donald Trump is every bit as much personal as it is political, if not more so.  Virtually nothing about the man is acceptable to me.  I grasp the concept that I have no say whatsoever in determining the worthiness of anyone to walk upon the Earth and to breathe the same atmospheric air as the rest of us, but I don't have to like it. With each succeeding item or anecdote I read about him, I am less amenable to the idea that Donald Trump is entitled to a place on this planet or even in this universe. My utter abhorrence for him is such that it cannot be characterized in a single blog entry. I could type all night and still not convey the essence of my feelings about this most deplorable individual a substantial minority of the voters in our nation saw fit to place in the role of chief executive of the United States of America.

I recognize that not every vote cast in favor of Trump was, in actuality, a vote for Donald Trump.  Hillary Clinton was, to some voters, every bit as deplorable a candidate for our nation's highest office as Trump was to me. At the same time, I cannot comprehend how anything short of, for the sake of argument,  gassing  six million Jews or perhaps having every child under the age of two slaughtered, could render Clinton less fit for the presidency than is the barely human creature who poked fun at individuals with disabilities or makes references to a female TV journalist with ". . . blood coming out of her whatever . . ."

I'm unsure as to the feelings of others in this regard, but to an extent I don't have a great deal of concern what the U.S. president does in his or her private life. If the person is molesting children or doing something similarly nefarious, I could not condone having the person serving as president, but regarding a whole lot of other behavior, I'm not tremendously concerned. I am concerned, however, about what the person says in his or her official capacity. 

We knew who this idiot was before the election.  It's not as though he lived his life in anonymity until campaigning for the presidency, and then we were hit with who he really is after the election. We've known all along, yet enough fools voted for him anyway to give him in excess of the minimum of two-hundred-seventy electoral votes. 

I'm also cognizant of the premise that Vice-President Pence's political stance is possibly to the right of that of the late Barry Goldwater, but I'm willing to deal with the fallout from having Pence elevated to the presidency. If a decent percentage of the eligible voters goes to the polls in the midterm election and votes wisely, Pence could be stripped of much of his power.  Yes, I'm concerned about the fitness [for the presidency] of anyone who would agree to appear on a presidential ticket with Trump, but it's highly unlikely that Pence could be quite so purely evil as is Trump himself..

Trump has boasted, when he was in second grade,  having punched a music teacher in his school and having blackened the man's eye. No one else who would have been present when this alleged assault happened seems to remember it having happened; the account is almost surely a lie. Still, it speaks of Trump's long-standing disrespect both for teachers and for lawful conduct. We already knew that Trump had low regard for teachers, having described them in a deposition as being "very stupid."

I take offense to Trump's statement that teachers are stupid. My mother was a public school teacher for two years while she was in the process of completing her graduate education.  I know what her IQ is. I do not know what Trump's IQ is, but I would wager that my mother's IQ is 1.5 times higher than is his at the bare minimum.  If teachers in general are stupid, as Mr. Trump has asserted, he is, himself, far more lacking in intelligence.

In addition to what I allege is Trump's deplorable lack of intelligence, he is overwhelmingly morally bankrupt. He quite possibly has major sanity challenges as well. Please, get this cretin out of the White House and out of our lives ASAP. 

I don't have photographers following me everywhere and capturing my every expression, but one would assume Trump has to be accustomed to being photographed on a regular basis by now. He frequently has this expression on his face in photographs. I found dozens of shots with his mouth in this formation from which to choose. Does he know that this look is not attractive? (If not, someone please advise him of it.) Why does he not look in the mirror as he makes this pout-like formation of his lips, then make a mental not of what it feels like as he makes this expression, then avoid making this face?  

In all seriousness, Trump's appearance should be the very least of any of our concerns, yet still, this obnoxious pout-like mannerism is most vexing to me.


  1. I think it is hilarious that paying back hush money paid out to silence the hooker makes it all okay. Because he paid it back, ya know!
    The only people he respects are the ones who kiss his ass. None of them are respectable.

  2. I know quite a few people who voted for Trump, for reasons that make logical sense. For example, a few Catholics who are very pro-life felt they were voting for Supreme Court Justices. I don't agree with them, but I can respect the thought process. I personally know only two actual Trump supporters. Both are "outspoken" right-wing white men who share his warped views on anyone and everything not advantageous to right-wing white men.

    I try very hard to ask people WHY they voted for Trump, and to really listen to their answers. In my opinion, he is a despicable creature. He is hateful-I don't vote for hate. As I chat with people, (and I chat with a lot of people in a county that Trump won), I've only met two who actually admired the man. The rest "held their nose" (actual quote) and voted for well thought out reasons.

    We have to be careful to accept that this is democracy at work, that Trump is EXACTLY as advertised, and he was voted in anyway. I hope the Democrats are paying attention.

    1. I, too, hope the Democrats are paying attention. Had they presented a more viable candidate, we wouldn't be faced with Trump.

      I understand that he was elected lawfully, though even that is in dispute. Still, I don't like it, nor do I like the whole antiquated electoral college. I understand that a constitutional amendment would be required to dispense of the electoral college, but in my opinion, doing just that would be time and trouble well-spent. While in the future, a candidate I dislike could just as easily be kept from office because of the peculiarities of the electoral college, I can live with it. We need popular vote-based national elections.

  3. Trump is a massive asshole. I can't wait until he's gone.

    1. I still can't quite believe that he was even elected.

    2. Me either. He's a disgrace.