Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Earning Money So That I Can Almost Immediately Spend It

I'm not as bad as this guy, but I am suffering mild withdrawal symptoms.

I finished a week of filling in for a calculus teacher in a high school.  In order to be able to pay anyone who was capable of teaching calculus enough to entice the person to take the brief job, I had to be designated as a consultant rather than as a substitute teacher. I was initially a bit intimidated regarding spending a full week teaching high school students, but they wanted to score well on the final exam. They were not out to harass me. 

In just a few days I shall take what I would consider to be a major vacation. I'll be gone for roughly two weeks. I will talk about it after I return.

At the moment I am at a rather swanky "boutique" hotel, though the particular room I was given is less impressive than a room at the local Holiday Inn would have been. The university at which my mom is teaching is hosting numerous students from a university in St. Petersburg (Russia, not Florida). A few faculty members including my mom are hosting the overflow of students. The dorms could accommodate only so many. My bedroom is being occupied by someone else.  No one told me until after I drove here.  My dad went on Hotwire and got a room here for me. He took one of those  "Secret Deals." Next time I shall book my own hotel room.

I would take a picture of the hotel room to underscore just how unimpressive it is except that I mistakenly left my phone in the car.  I'm too cheap to tip a valet to retrieve it for me in the valet-only parking garage but not quite crass enough to ask someone to get it  for me without tipping. I'll have to get through the night without it. (I hope the valet didn't have figuratively sticky fingers.) I'm not nearly so attached to my phone as are many of my contemporaries, but still I feel a bit lost without it.  

I will survive.

St. Petersburg


  1. Yeah... next time, find yourself a nice room in a really cool hotel.

  2. I'm not terribly picky where hotels are concerned. I'm quite happy at a Best Western or Holiday Inn. One of the really cool rooms at this hotel wold probably be quite nice as well, but it would probably be far more expensive than my dad wanted to cover.

    I'll be fine in this hotel, but the great Hotwire deal isn't nearly so great when one considers the hidden cost of tipping associated with valet parking, and valet parking is mandatory for anyone who wishes to park a care anywhere near this hotel. And I'm not going to stiff the valets. They're either college students or young people who are paying the insane cost of rent to live anywhere near here. Either way, they need the tips to survive.

    The room doesn't have one of those binders that most hotels have detailing the amenities. I have no idea whether or not there is room service here. The hotel was built by an early California movie star -- obviously not literally, but he commissioned the building of it and was its original operator. Its layout is rather convoluted, and it has a million hallways. I would not leave the room at night unless it was an emergency because I'm not sure anyone would hear me if I screamed for help for any reason. It's probably perfectly safe, but I'm taking no chances.

    It's very clean, it's quiet, and the air-conditioning works great. The TV has many channels.Tomorrow I will find out about room service and check out the services offered at the spa.