Sunday, December 3, 2017


                      23 -- the baby version of an adult

That's right; I have reached the age of twenty-three, which in and of itself grants a person no privilege of which I'm aware, but does get a person closer to such milestones as the right to serve as a U.S. representative, a U.S. senator, and even as POTUS. I'm still twelve years away from that last one, however. Furthermore, have I no intention whatsoever of seeking any of these posts. If nominated I will not accept, and if elected, I will not serve.  I doubt there's much a chance of that happening, anyway. I won't even serve as Surgeon General for the same reason Dr. Sanjay Gupta has said he would not accept the position: paradoxically, the U.S. Surgeon General does not perform surgery. I want to perform surgery.

My brother and I made a bit of music tonight in the city, and won a tidy little wad of cash to split evenly as a result. Matthew shared his birthday cash from dear, sweet Grandmere with me. If she hears about it, it's probably the last check he''ll get from her. Or maybe not. Time alone will tell. My relatives are so freaking weird.

My dad Fedexed a new viola bow to me. I had been using the one that originally came with the instrument, but it sucked. The new one is sublime. My parents deposited cash into both my brother's and my bank accounts. In general, we need money far more than we need stuff. A couple of years ago they could give us all the medical paraphernalia we would need, but we now have it and just need money for upcoming expenses, especially those associated with moving to wherever our internships and residencies may be. Internships and residencies pay, but barely a living wage for a single person. Fortunately we're both still single and have no dependents to support with what will be meager earnings.

I just read two blurbs: one about what sucks about being twenty-three, and the other about the advantages associated with the age. The downside is, for the most part, at twenty-three you need to stop acting like a kid but you're still essentially the baby version of an adult and people look at you a halfwit. On the positive side, you're not judged so harshly for your cluelessness as you will be in the future, because society and people like Judge Judy still view you as an idiot.  Furthermore, nothing you do at the age of twenty-three matters unless you want it to, as long as you don't kill or maim anyone, which is far from a given if you plan to begin your medical internship at the age of twenty-three. Sometimes a person cannot win.

I don't think you can win, period,  in being twenty-three,  except to the extent that you still qualify for your parents' medical insurance if you need it, which I don't. I'm covered independently.

                     the iconic April Ludgate turning 23

I don't often promote artists here except for Phillip Phillips, but I received my copies of  Cherie Call's Christmas CD Gifts, and it is beautiful. A few of my lucky friends will receive copies courtesy of me. Even if you're not LDS, you may find, upon hearing her music (particularly the non-Christmas songs in my opinion) that she's one of the greatest ever to have used song to tell stories.. 


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    1. Thanks. It turned out to be an awesome evening, and today I went hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains with friends. i'm not a big hiker as I'm terrified of encountering large animals, particularly cougars, in the wild, but with a sufficiently sizable group it's pretty safe, so we had fun.

  2. Happy belated birthday. In 40 years or so you may look back and think 23 was a pretty darn good age to be. Somewhat inexperienced in the ways of the world, but having a good grip on reality. In a few more years you will be even more awesome.

    1. Thanks, Jono. Isn't it sad that you realize years after the fact that a given age was a good age to be?

      I do look forward to being more wise.