Saturday, December 30, 2017

Exmormons - My favorite and least favorite posters at Rfm

I've had enough mirth for one day. it's now time to blog inappropriately.The subject of this blog is my least favorite and favorite poster s on the Recovery from Mormonism board. Few enough of them actually read here that i'm not terribly worried about offending anyone.

My very least favorite person ever to post on Rfm was a jerk named MJ. He no longer posts there. He was extremely rude to me the first time I ever posted there. I noticed later that it probably wasn't personal, as almost everything he ever posted was rude to someone. He blasted my Uncle Scott because my uncle had to work when my aunt was sick. MJ said he would NEVER work when someone he loved was sick. I don't know what kind of a job he had, but if you're in a surgical residency or fellowship, which my uncle was, you must work when you're told to work, period. Other people came to my uncle's defense, but MJ continued to be his usual insulting self.

Others of whom I'm not especially fond include Steve Benson. He's a grandson of former LDS prophet, seer, and revelator Ezra Taft Benson. My perception of Mr. Benson is that, just as close relatives of Mormon leaders esteem themselves and are esteemed by other Mormons, Mr. Benson acts as though he expects to be esteemed on the message board because of who his grandfather was. That's precisely the sort of caste system I'm trying to avoid in shunning Mormonism, so i'm not going to be a party to it on the message board. also, his posts are often incredibly long. they might be interesting if they could be condensed to about one-fifth their usual length.  if I knew Mr. Benson better, i might have a totally different perception of him.

Others of whom I'm not terribly fond include pollythinks, who seems not to be terribly bright. If her absence of brilliance is due to senility, I apologize a million times. we're all going to get old and a bit dim someday. If, however, it is garden-variety ignorance not incident to age, I take back any apologies.  also on my unfavorite list is paintingnotloggedin, also known as paintinginthewin. I'll cut and paste one of her typical posts. 
"For those who are't familiar with Max Erhmann's poem (1952) entitled, "Desiderata", it has eight stanzas. An excerpt which has rung in my mind a resounding positive voice admist the mixed messages, catch 22s, neglect and abuse I was growing up through with everyone else in my family, Erhmann extended an invitation to life as member of a bigger family , a universal family, which begat me not a tribal family or a biological family or an adopted family or a ward family or an office family or a school family or a band family
lline 34) You are a child of the universe
(line 35) no less than the trees and the stars
(line 36) you have a right to be here"
because this vision is bigger than one linguistic tribe, one biological tribe, one dogmatic tribe where neither sacred secret handshakes keys nor tribal biological blood unity frequently required for entrance at the door (not to mention no place for phenotypic diversions into nether regions on the family tree no one is acknowledging in the club.) Beyond name stamped on with a registrar's stamp beyond nail polish the color of your nails beyond the Barbie ism the molly Mormon of your humanity or not whines the typer wearing whose Wesco factory second boots stomp on the floor while fingers chipped nail polish still convey their life meaning"

She may be a very nice person to those who know her in real life, but her posts are, to me, random and non sequitur. She avoids capital letters (except to sometimes use them randomly) and punctuation as though use of it might cause an outbreak of the plague.  actually, the same can be said about any or all of my least-favorite posters at Rfm except for MJ. i'm confident that even in real life he's not an especially nice or delightful person.

Posters there whom I really like include Knotheadusc, SCMD, laperla, Cheryl, Summer, Amyjo (a little out there on the woo-woo scale but seems genuinely nice and sincere), Lethbridge Reprobate, Matt, Donna (not around much anymore), Raptor Jesus, Cricket, and L. Tom Petty. With L. Tom Petty, I mostly just like his name. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.

This picture isn't terribly pertinent. I just liked it.


  1. I like summer. She's very wise. I find shannon kind of entertaining, although I suspect she's full of shit. I like scmd, too. ;)

    1. I haven't come across Shannon yet. I need to spend more time there.

      I'm a bit concerned. This post has gotten over 400 hits already since I posted it, which is more that most of my recent posts have gotten in totality, much less in the first four hours after I post them. I really hope no one's feelings are hurt. Even if I think a person's posts are bizarre, I don't really desire to hurt the person's feelings. I probably come across in print as a brash and thoughtless sort of person, but in real life I'm not that way.

    2. P.S. I unintentionally omitted one of my least favorite posters, and I REALLY don't think he'll find this site, so there's no good reason to leave him off. i'll probably edit tomorrow and add him. It's Badassadam. I'm not sure if I think he's for real or a troll. If he's a troll, I'd say he's very good at it. If he's for real, I think he's playing with an even smaller fraction of a full deck than he owns up to dealing. If he's not just trying to jerk our chains (not mine actually because I almost never post and he doesn't know me from the original Adam) and is sincere, he's potentially dangerous to anyone inhabiting in his real world.

    3. Yes, I agree. He’s a bit off kilter.

    4. I also like Gatorman. I stopped reading any thread that badassadam started for a while; he was just so annoying. I did notice a recent reference to a social worker, so perhaps someone is trying to fix what can be changed with him. Agree with all your favorites except AmyJo, who appears prone to misperceptions and on occasion ignores facts in order to create drama.
      -- ThatRN

    5. Anonymous, Ive come to agree regarding Amyjo. I haven't been there at all in the past couple of weeks, but she does seem to attempt to stir things up. The site would be much more pleasant if the theists or deists (whichever they claim to be) and the agnostics/atheists could agree to disagree on the existence of a higher power.

  2. The attempted quote from Desiderata reminded me of the National Lampoon version, Deteriorata. The chorus goes like this:
    You are a fluke
    Of the universe.
    You have no right to be here.
    And whether you can hear it or not
    The universe is laughing behind your back.

    The whole thing always made me laugh.j

  3. My Dad has "Deteriorata" in a songbook. It frequently reminded listeners to rotate their tires. There were a couple of other notable songs in the book. One made a ference to a school board official in the SF bay area who was assassinated. The chorus was something like, "Pull the tregroes, negroes, we're with you all the way, just across the bay. Pull the triggers, n------, etc." There was another song that was a John Denver parody of sorts. I just remember the final verse, which said something to the effect of "The baby didn't die until we'd burned up all the wood. Considering we ate her raw, she tasted pretty good."

  4. Most of that was on National Lampoon's Radio Dinner including a John Lennon parody that is irreverent and hilarious. I like your Dad even more now. I still have it on vinyl.