Thursday, September 3, 2015

Risky Choreography That Made My Rooftop Gymnastics Look Like Duck, Duck, Goose

We should have stuck to choreography more like this.

My computer has been repaired. The Apple store didn't even open until an hour after lecure started, so I had to do the fake sick routine which made me feel very uncomfortable. When it was finished before noon, I called my brother and told him to tell my rofessor that i was feelig slightly less ycuky and ould come in for the afternoon sessions. The professor told my brother i had been looking pale and unwell and should stay in bed. There's not a thing wrong with me. i look pale because I don't spend a whole lot of time in the sun. still, i stayed hoe because if i shoulwed up in the afternoon looking qoo% chipper, my cover presumably would have been blown.

We had an early performance of Grease tonight because it was a private event that a company had booked. It was nice to be finished early. There is no class toorrow. I studied all afternoon, so i really don't need to study all that much  more. A friend gave me lecture notes, which I have transcribed and cimmitted to memory.

Grease has gone moderately well except for one major flub-up last night when the Danny Zucco character very nearly dropped me on my head in one of the newly choreographed maneuvers. I'm not even very weighty. I hate to thnk of what would have happened if he'd been trying the same move with a girl who weighed more thsn 100 lbs.The only thing that saved me from possible traumatic brain injury or paralysis was when the Kenickie character caught me. It was so bad that the entire audience gasped in unison. That particular maneuver will not be performed in any future shows in this run. I need both my brain and spinal cord to function properly for the remainder of my life, and  I'm not giving it up over a stupid mishap in a community theatre production.

Other tha alost being dropped on my head, I'm not minding the Grease run all than much. I prepared for the fall courses very dequately this summer and can get by with a little less study time.

I still feel guilty about the professor believing I was ill todqy, but what's done is done.

My laptop can now be charged again.


  1. I'm glad your computer is fixed and you still have use of your brain and extremities.

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