Thursday, September 10, 2015

This Cannot Go on Forever, and It Won't

a Catellani - another possibility

I'm also now looking at Catellani and Esposi violins.

The end is in sight. I have three more performances, including one tonight. I have been told that the saxes will not play on a particular one of my solos. I will follow Chuck's advice. i'll tell the director to tell the orchestra conductor that if the saxes play, I will wait for them to stop before I begin singing, and if they start playing after i begin singing, I'll stop and kill time by bantering with the audience. I would tell this to the conductor myself except that he would never listen to me,, and my words would fall on deaf ears.

Yesterday I was making a delivery to the hospitl for one of my professors.  group of 4th-year students  was laughing and pointing at me. I know why, of course. They would like to pretend they never did anything dumb in their medical school careers, but I know otherwise, and in at least three of the cases, i know the specifics proving otherwise.. Each of those students who was laughing at me has more skeletons in his or her medical school closet than any one of them would care to admit. Meanwhile, I suppose I was glad to be able to entertain them.  I know what is facing them in the immediate future even if they're so dense that they do knot know.

We have a major exam in one of my classes tomorrow. I hope I'm ready for it with all the time I/ put into studying this summer, but if not, we'll find out if the dean is prepared or has the authority to deliver on his promised that I will be allowed to take tests multiple time until I achieve what I consider satisfactory scores during and immediately following the run of the how. I may ;earn that he was full of  lot of hot air. My hope, though, is that i have no need ever to take an exam more than one time,

So I'll take my exam tomorrow, do some more studying, go back to bed as there's no class on Friday afternoons, then get up in time for the penultimate performance.

On Saturday morning Uncle Jerry will show up here, ssdn we'll travel however far we must go to find me new violin. The closer it gets, the less sure I am of the texct model I desire to have. I'm still firmly set on a price range, though.

Other than a bit of studying and sleeping and Saturday night's performance, I intend to devote the weekend to playing my new violin.


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  3. Sounds like you have a great weekend in store. I will be in Austria bathing in beer.